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New Ship Ideas

Chi practitioner
Jun 23, 2018
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Deila Ketchum x Alain (He isn't too young is he?)

Manaphy x Ponyo (Just came into my mind. >.< )

Echo (Earth to Echo) x Mew

Ash x Lisa (Movie 20) Looking at the color schemes Lisa and Serena share I wonder if she is Serena 2.0.. Amour 2.0??
Aroush Halapsian is best girl.
Mar 8, 2011
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Janine and Jakie Lynn Diaz from Star Vs.
Lillie and Adric from Doctor Who
Hapu and Acerola
Grimsley and Nanu
Sabrina and Brycen
Elesa and Tate
Burgh and Liza
Sabrina and Mr. Burns from The Simpsons
Leaf and Bart Simpson from The Simpsons
Gardenia and Roark
Riley and Cheryl
Lillie and Naminé from Kingdom Hearts
Cynthia and Rosalina from Super Mario
Ryuki and Luna Loud from The Loud House
Olivia and Grimsley
Olivia and Brock
Olivia and Tapu Lele
Olivia and Mallow
Grimsley and Brycen
Grimsley and Siebold
Buck and Marley
Buck and Pod (IIRC they were both called Chicco in italain version)
Wally and Wallace
Wally and Adric from Doctor Who
Wally and Wendell Borton from The Simpsons

some of those have already been shipped before but i think many of those have not or at least not seriously.
Love is temporary. Garchomp is forever.
Oct 7, 2019
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echo? what? no, the innocents, spare the innocents....
anyway, I really don't think I could type in anything that hasn't already been put on the list.