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Rules NEW Shippers' Paradise Rules, Please Read [Updated 15/8/17]


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May 21, 2010
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Hello all, we recently did a massive revamp of all forum rules, so here's the updated list for Shippers' Paradise. Make sure you familiarize yourself with them.

In addition to these new rules, keep in mind that all global forum rules apply (including the Copyright and Plagiarism rules as they apply to fanart and the Inappropriate Content rule).

1. Respect each other's ships
-Do not attack other users for liking a particular ship or kind of ship.
-Do not post in a ship thread just to attack that ship.

2. Avoid fetish discussion
-This section is for discussion about relationships between characters, not your personal fetishes.
-Do not accuse someone of having a fetish for liking a particular ship.

3. Do not advertise your own creations
-You may post a relevant work you created in a ship thread, but do not use this as a platform to advertise yourself.
-Refer to the Writer's Workshop or the Art Gallery if you want to share your off topic projects.

As a guideline, we ask that thread names contain either the name of the ship being discussed or the characters involved. If the thread title is just the ship name, we recommend including the names of the characters involved in the opening post.

Let us know in this thread or in a private message if you have any questions!
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