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New Sync pairs, Villain Arc Content, and Events coming to Pokemon Masters EX

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In their latest message to players of Pokémon Masters EX, producers Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi have discussed new features, and upcoming events and Sync Pairs that will be coming to the game over the coming month. The first details have also been given of the rally that will be held in February to celebrate the game reaching 2.5 years of operation. The next message from the producers is scheduled for late February.

The Jukebox feature that was announced in the previous producer's message has been added to the Pokémon Masters EX as of the January update. Players can find the Jukebox in the Pokémon Center, to the right of Trista. The Jukebox allows players to unlock music tracks using Song Keys, which can be obtained by meeting certain requirements, such as by collecting certain items or by raising certain Sync Pairs to 6★ EX. Song Keys can also be purchased using Music Coins in the Exchange Items section of the Shop, or the Unlock Songs section of the Jukebox. Once unlocked, music tracks can be played directly from the Jukebox itself, as well as set as background music for battle. The selection of songs will be expanded in future updates starting from late February.

Beginning January 27th at 10:00pm (PST), a limited-time Music Coin Challenge Daily Battle Event will be available, allowing players to earn a large quantity of Music Coins to unlock songs. From January 30th at 10:00pm (PST), Music Coins will also be available as mission rewards from Daily Missions.

Story Event: Sweet Shenanigans
This new Story Event will go live in game on January 30th at 10:00pm (PST). Marnie and Bea will feature in two new Seasonal Sync Pairs for this event, wearing sweet outfits. Players will have the opportunity to earn special presents from these two trainers through this event.

Seasonal Sync Pairs featuring Marnie and Bea

Marnie (Palentines 2022) & Mawile are a 5★ Steel-type Tech Sync Pair, with 6★ EX potential. Like the recently added Sygna Suit Cynthia (Renegade) & Giratina pair, Marnie (Palentines 2022) & Mawile are able to utilize the zone field effect, with their Steel WIsh move change the field to a Steel Zone, which powers up Steel-type attacks by 50%.

Marnie (Palentines 2022) & Mawile's move, Shout It Out, raises their own Attack by two stat ranks, and their Defense and Special Defense by one stat rank. They also have the Growl and Iron Head attacks. Their Passive Skill allows them to lower the opponent's Attack and Defense when they enter battle.

Bea (Palentines 2022) & Vinniluxe are a 5★ Ice-type Support Sync Pair, with 6★ EX potential. The sync pair has several Passive Skills and Moves that synergise around hailstorms. For example, their move Let's Share normally raises the Attack and Special Attack of all ally Pokémon by one stat ranks, but under a hailstorm it also increases Physical Moves ↑ Next effect for all allies by one rank. Their Passive Skills cause a hailstorm when they enter battle, and raise their own Defense and Special Defence while a hailstorm continues.

Additional story content coming for the Sinnoh Chapter of the Villain Arc
The Sinnoh Chapter of the Villain Arc will be reaching a cresendo with the final story content for this arc going live on February 9th at 10:00pm (PST). This story content focuses on Cynthia and the Team Galactic Admins as Cyrus's ambitions come to an end.

A new event will also be running alongside the Sinnoh Chapter conclusion, in which players will be able to earn Palkia Crystals, which can be used to expand Cyrus & Palkia's Sync Grid. The expanded Sync Grid includes tiles that can be unlocked without using energy, along with powerful Grid Skills to unlock.

Pokémon Masters EX celebrates 2.5 years in February
Starting February 16th at 10:00pm (PST), Pokémon Masters EX will offer a variety of bonuses for players, including a Long-in Bonus and Mission Bingo. A range of events and festivities are also planned.

New content will also be launched alongside the 2.5 year celebrations to allow players to learn battle tips. Players will receive gems as completion rewards for this content, with a total of 5000 gems available. Additional ways for players to earn large numbers of gems are also being added, including special missions for completing certain milestones such as completing the PML Arc of the Main Story, or completing the Champion Stadium. Players who have already achieved these milestones will receive these gems as soon as this update drops. Certain paid bundled will also allow players to receive large quantities of gems from Mission rewards.

Changes coming for Eggs
From February 23rd at 10:00pm (PST), the Pokémon that can hatch from Eggs that players have obtained from completing battles will be updated, with Pokémon from past Egg events being added to the pool.


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