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New title confirmed (Haruka comes back)

Ok, preview shows Blaziken, Glaceon (presumably May's since she was in Snowpoint at the end of 75), Munchlax, Snorlax (Munchlax evolves?) and Girafarig (which is either May's or belongs to the restaurant owner. I couldn't tell). Tag Battle is Glaceon and Buneary teamed up.
Awww. Haruka looks so much better in her Emerald outfit.
What did nurse joy said to ash at the end of dp 75 pointing at snowpoint in the map?
What did nurse joy said to ash at the end of dp 75 pointing at snowpoint in the map?

I believe that's where May first arrived in Sinnoh, hence her Eevee evolving to Glaceon at Snowpoint. I don't understand Japanese so I could be wrong though...
I think May knows Ash in Sinnoh,shes not here by accident,wonders how she met Mikuri,still want to know why nurse joy pointed at snowpoint,did she say haruka there? will haruka was clever to tell the joy i n snowpoint to check which centre ash is in.Hikari about time after 20 episodes boosting her confidence.I think Jessie will get rid of serviper seeming how desprate she want to win.btw
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