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New Title (Many Will Be Happy!)


Jun 11, 2004
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From Pokeani:




I can make out the title of the 19th (the 12th is the Manaphy Movie), it's called "Champion Shirona Appearance".

! :D

I wonder if they'll take this moment to reintroduce a less than special Lucario or just wait for Maylene...

Sweetness either way, I hope the Psyducks are involved. :D
I don't see "Go Satoshi! Capture the Pink Karanakushi!" written anywhere. I was promised happiness :(

Unless of course Shirona owns everyone with her Toritodon and that inspires Ash to catch one for himself. Yes. That is the plot of this episode. *nodnod*
I'm guessing Shirona's main Pokemon in this will be Garchomp...
Dude. Awesome. :D

She better be appearing as often as she does in the games! And they better not forget that she exists during the inevitable Team Galactic finale and have Lance save the day. :x
Why did I think of Misty when I saw the title of this thread on Bulbagarden? :p

Oh well, yay for Cynthia. I really do hope all the Elite 4 build-up this season is because they plan to have Ash challenge them formally after the Sinnoh league.

If Ash beats the Sinnoh League + Elite 4 afterward, there's no way they can go back down to normal Gyms. The writers really are building up the D/P series like something special, almost as if its meant to be a series ender, with all this "hold-nothing-back" writing they're doing now. If so, 13 seasons will be a good place to conclude with Ash.
Concluding season or not, DP has proved to be a great season, almost as good as Indigo and Orange.

Shirona's appearance was definitely a must. Hooray for the writters. Now we just need Flint and Volkner love (my new OTP). :D
Since Ash didn't get to battle Lucian at all, (dang you Dawn and your hogging of the spotlight! :p ), I'd love to see Ash battle her.

I'm hoping she's debuted with either Garchomp or Spiritomb, because dang, I'd rather not see yet another Roserade in the anime so soon.
That was Buizel's spotlight episode. Dawn wasn't that fussed about the spotlight for once.

I'm not that excited about Shirona but maybe it's just because I still have to wait six weeks before I get DP.
Personally, I am NOT happy. I want Mira-chan in the anime, not some stupid old goth girl. >_<
Bets on her getting shafted like Steven was? ._. Though the likeliness seems less (thank god), as she's being acknowledged as Champion...and Steven was just That Rock Guy. Puu.

actually, he was also acknowledged as the Devon president's son... though, I guess that makes the situation all the more fucked up. It's like they were foreshadowing something big in advance, but Daigo ends up dropped from the plot and remains That Hypocritical Rock Guy (fixed ^^).
Steven was like Yami Yugi in his episode.

Oh god...I hope Cynthia doesn't blow a hole in the home of some Gible with Garchomp.
I for one am NOT happy! I wanted Mira-chan, not some stupid old goth girl. >=0

I'm still going by my bet that this is the Fukamaru showcase ep.

And wow, Goyou only appeared 6 episodes ago. Oh well. I'm still happy <3

EDIT: And while we're comparing her to Daigo...I hope her voice is good. I really really hope so. Because I've heard Daigo's voice was way too old for him in his episode.
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