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New Title "Yokan and Rotom"


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Nov 23, 2007
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From Serebii Forums:

Saw a post on Pokeani mentioning a title called:


Which translates to "Yokan and Rotom"

Mori Yokan, is the Japanese name of the Old Gateau, the item you get in the Old Chateau. It's a type of jelly.

I don't see an airdate, but it seems to be from Pokefan Magazine which should officialy be coming out soon in Japan like tommorow.

It'll be nice to finally see Rotom and presumably all of its forms. Though I wonder where this will be taking place.
There may be more than one haunted house in Sinnoh. Although I notice this only mentions the jelly and NOT the house.
It was "Spiritomb's Keystone". You can't compare that to this. Because Spiritomb is only available this way. Rotom has a house to go with it.
The plot of this is obvious if it's real; Rotom wants the Old Gateau and Ash's group must get it.

I am so hoping for a Pluto appearance...
Even if it happens to be fake, what a strange concept to base an episode around.

Although it would be awesome to explain just what the hell the Old Gateau is.

My theory is that this "Forest Jelly" is actually a slime mold. Or the Pokémon universe's eqivalent of one.
It's not fake. Pokeani updated its front page and it says that the Rotom episode is DP105 and is airing on 12/4 along with the Cresselia one.
Too bad that Pluto title was fake, but he could still appear I suppose.

I hope they fit all of Rotom's forms in the anime.
This might seem crazy, but I always thought the Old Gateau was some sort of chewing gum as opposed to jelly. o_o;
Well this is nice. It'd be cool to see Rotom freaking everyone out by possessing appliances.
Age of Kings said:
This might seem crazy, but I always thought the Old Gateau was some sort of chewing gum as opposed to jelly. o_o;
Matkin22 said:
I thought it was a really old chocolate cake.
I think they kinda changed it to fit the pun of Old Chateau. A gateau is a cake, while a 羊羹 Yokan thing is like this squarish jelly-ish cake (different kind of cake).
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