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New trailer for Pokémon: Legends Arceus reveals new gameplay and story details, plus a new Scyther evolution

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A trailer released earlier today by The Pokémon Company International has showcased new details about the gameplay and story of the upcoming Pokémon Legends: Arceus game, including the reveal of Kleavor, a never-before-seen, region-specific evolution of the classic first generation Pokémon, Scyther.

Category: Axe Pokémon
Height: 5ʹ11″
Weight: 196.2 lbs.
Type: Bug/Rock
Scyther is said to evolve into Kleavor because of "special minerals found in the Hisui region", though it's not clear at this point if this means the evolution will require players to have a particular evolution stone or item. Parts of Kleavor's body have hardened into stone, which often get chipped during fierce battles. Local legends claim that piece of stone from Kleavor were once used by the native people of Hisui to craft stone tools.

Ride Pokémon across the Hisui wilderness:

In a parallel to the Generation VII games set in Alola, players will be able to summon a selection of special Pokémon to ride on. This summoning is accomplished using a special instrument known as the Celestica Flute, which players will receive at one point during their journey. Three Pokémon have been revealed as rideable thusfar, one each for land, sea, and air respectively. Interestingly, players appear to be able to freely throw Poké Balls at wild Pokémon while riding, though it's not shown if it's possible to actually engage in battle on Pokémon-back.
  • Wyrdeer: With this sturdy four-legged steed, Trainers will be able to travel at high speeds across land, easily clearing obstacles in their path with its powerful jump.
  • Basculegion: Trainers can travel on the back of Basculegion to cross bodies of water, much as they might in past games in the franchise with Pokémon that knew the move Surf. Unlike those past games however, Basculegion is also able to leap into the air to jump over any obstacles.
  • Hisuian Braviary: While many games have allowed Pokémon Trainers to Fly to their destination, flight with Hisuian Braviary comes with much greater freedom, with players being able to freely control the Pokémon in the air to get a proper bird's eye view on the terrain, and on any secrets that might have been hidden from the ground.
Jubilife Village comes to Life:

Past trailers have already introduced Jubilife Village, which serves as the home base for the player, and the Galaxy Expedition Team. This trailer highlights how several specific facilities available to Trainers in this village, and what players can do there.
  • Character customization options: The Clothier and Hairdresser together give players a wide variety of options to customize the appearance of their Trainer. Players will be able to create their ideal look by mix and matching individual headwear, tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories, with many pieces of clothing coming in a range of colors.
  • Trainer & Pokémon portraits: By visiting Dagero's Photography Studio, players can pose for photos together with their partner Pokémon. How customizable these photos will be besides position, pose, and background color isn't entirely clear, however at least one of the sample snaps does show the Trainer posed sitting down on a chair, so some accessories and props may well be available.
  • Crafting recipes and materials: Players will be able to craft items using recipes and materials purchased from the General Store and Craftworks. While it's not been expressly said what items will be craftable, the trailer does show a player creating a Potion from combining an Oran Berry and a Medicinal Leek, suggesting that most basic items will be able to be made from scratch by the player.
  • Your Pokémon Ranch: Bill won't be born for a very long yet, but Trainers still need somewhere to house their Pokémon while they're out on adventures. The Pastures are where players leave Pokémon they've caught outside of their party of six. While we can't say for certain that the idea for the Pastures was inspired by My Pokémon Ranch, the WiiWare title which allowed owners of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and (in Japan only) Platinum to store their Pokémon. Players will also be able to move Pokémon between their party and the Pastures whenever they're at a base camp.
Alpha Pokémon, Pokémon Nobles, and the Wardens:

Players may encounter two special groups of Pokémon during their expeditions around the Hisui region. Alpha Pokémon, and Pokémon Nobles.

Alpha Pokémon can be distinguished from other Pokémon in the wild by their larger than normal size, and glowing red eyes. Stronger and more aggressive than other Pokémon of their species, these Alpha Pokémon will chase and attack players who come too close to them. It's not clear at this point if these Pokémon would have any stat or appearance differences if caught by the player.

In another similarity to the Alolan games, the Hisui region also features a group of Pokémon referred to as Pokémon Nobles, which appear to be something akin to Alola's Totem Pokémon. Pokémon Nobles might also be thought of as something analogous to a local Shinto Kami, being revered by the people of Hisui, and said to have received a "mysterious blessing" that gives them power not held by normal Pokémon. While some of these Pokémon have assisted the people of the region in the past, the events of the game see these Pokémon suddenly falling into a frenzy due to a mysterious, unknown phenomenon, causing people to call on the Galaxy Expedition Team for assistance. The trailer highlights one of these Nobles in particular, a Kleavor referred to as the Lord of the Woods, which the trailer shows glowing golden during its battle with the player. Players will use special balm items to help quell the Pokémon Noble's rage after weakening it in battle.

The Pokémon Nobles are tended to by Wardens, who in game terms we might consider analogous to the Trial Captains of Alola. These Wardens have responsibilities somewhat akin to those a Kannushi might have to a local Shinto Kami, including giving offerings of food and water, and making sure their land is kept secure and untainted.


Arc Phone:
While not expressly mentioned or referred to in the newly released trailer, the press release accompanying it also revealed an additional detail. Early in the game, players will acquire a device called the Arc Phone, which will help guide them on their journey. This phone can be briefly seen in the trailer at about the 2 minute mark, as a small icon on the bottom left of the screen. With Pokémon Legends: Arceus having already received a number of comparisons to Breath of the Wild, this item might be considered as analogous to the Sheikah Slate from that game, though the exact gameplay functions of this device have not yet been revealed. The phone itself appears to have quite a distinctive shape, seemingly intended to be reminiscent of Arceus itself. Given that a phone is of course very anachronistic for the setting of this game, we can only speculate at this point how the player might have acquired such an item, or why it'd be here.


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