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New trailer for Pokémon Sleep released alongside opening of preregistration for Android users, app to release later this month

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Pokémon Sleep Logo
A new trailer for Pokémon Sleep was released earlier today on both the Japanese and English Official Pokémon YouTube Channels, alongside the announcement that preregistration has now opened for the app on the Android Google Play store.

Pokémon Sleep Example Screenshot
Users who pre-register will have Pokémon Sleep automatically downloaded to their devices on release, provided sufficient space is free on their device's storage. If you want to make sure you have the app as soon as it goes live, make sure to make some extra room for the app ahead of time.

Pokémon Sleep is an upcoming spin-off Pokémon game developed for iOS and Android. The game features Snorlax as its central Pokémon, with other Pokémon appearing around Snorlax based on the player's sleeping pattern and sleeping style. Players will work together with the Pokémon sleep researcher Professor Neroli to research Pokémon sleep styles, and record them in the Sleep Style Dex. Starting Monday every week, players will begin a new round of sleep research with a new location and a new Snorlax.

Today's trailer showcases Pokémon Sleep's core gameplay, where players will seek to improve their Snorlax's Drowsy Power by making sure to get a good night's sleep. The game tracks players' sleep by having them place their mobile device or Pokémon GO Plus + next to their pillow, and using the sensors in-built in those devices to track sleep movements, the noises players make during their sleep, and the total time spent sleeping.

A selection of Pokémon's Sleep Styles
Depending on what kind of sleep they're having, players are assigned a Sleep Type, either Dozing, Snoozing, or Slumbering, which influences what kinds of Pokémon will gather around Snorlax as they sleep. Players will be able to meet more varied Pokémon from a wider variety of sleep styles as they and Snorlax get more sleep, and Snorlax grows in Drowsy Power. Available Pokémon will also be influenced by the in-game location, and even the day of the week, with more and rarer Pokémon coming to join the slumber party around Snorlax on weekends. After players have been able to add Pokémon to their Sleep Style Dex, they'll be able to give them Poké Biscuits, and add them to a party of up to 5 helper Pokémon. During waking hours, players' helper Pokémon will gather and feed Berries to Snorlax, and may activate skills to assist in Snorlax's growth.

Nightcap-wearing Pikachu
Players who link their game to a Pokémon GO Plus + device, which releases next Friday on July 14th, will be able to encounter a special nightcap-wearing Pikachu in Pokémon Sleep. This Pikachu lives inside of the Pokémon GO Plus +, and acts as a bonus helper Pokémon above the normal limit of 5. The more the device is used, the more friendly this Pikachu will become with the player, collecting more berries for Snorlax. For those who struggle to sleep without a little white nouse, Pikachu can even sing them a lullaby every night as the device starts tracking their sleep. In addition to these in-game functions, the Pokémon GO Plus + can also function as an alarm, with Pikachu letting out a cry from inside the device at players' selected wake-up and bedtimes. More cries are unlocked as nightcap-wearing Pikachu gets friendlier with the player.

Pokémon Sleep was originally announced over 4 years ago at the Pokémon 2019 Press Conference on May 29th, 2019. First announced for release in 2020, after missing that date the app was effectively vaporware until more information was eventually revealed in Pokémon Presents on February 27th of this year, in which it was announced to be releasing in the northern hemisphere summer. As of writing, the app is scheduled to release in late July, however an exact launch date still has not been given.
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