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RULES: NEW War Room Rules and Etiquette 2.0 (Updated 8/8/17)

The Rules
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    In The War Room, you will be able to participate in games that involve strategy and thinking, such as mafia games and mystery games. The subforum also welcomes discussions regarding such games.

    In addition the Forum Rules and Fun & Games Rules, the following rules apply in The War Room.

    1. Do not add or remove information from your posts in the thread of an ongoing game in which you are a player
    • Edits solely for spelling, grammatical, or formatting purposes are permitted.
    • Multiposting, as long as each post adds something new to the game, is permitted.
    2. Do not interfere with an ongoing game.
    • Do not post or like posts in an ongoing game's thread if you are dead or not playing.
    • Do not bring up discussions related to an ongoing game anywhere other than the respective game's thread and any other chats designated by the host.
    -Keep personal issues out of public threads. Resolve them with relevant parties, and do not bring them into games.

    3. Do not show poor sportsmanship, being rude to hosts and/or players.
    • Do not continuously or deliberately violate a game's rules with the intent of being modkilled.
    • Whatever happened in mafia games, should be resolved within that game and end there.
    • Keep arguments tolerable. Posts that discourage other players from posting, for any reason, will not be tolerated. This applies especially if the host has requested that the players keep debates friendly.
    4. As a host, do not add roles or mechanics in a game that encourage players to violate Forum Rules.

    The following posts will explain common courtesies in TWR as a player and a host, how to host a game (Mafia or Non-Mafia), introduce some standard mafia game rules, and explain other official threads that staff have created in this subforum.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact the moderators of The War Room:
    @AussieEevee, @Calvin ッ, @Crystal Onix, @DarthWolf, @Doctor Floptopus, @Elieson, @Lone_Garurumon
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