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New Year's Grand Festival - Fizzytopia Welcomes 2018!

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Sep 16, 2012
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New Fizzy Year’s Grand Celebration!

It’s a cold winter morning in Fizzytopia. However, the weather hasn’t stopped you from leaving the comfort of home and heading out to answer a strange calling…

You recall how your day started in an unusual manner: how a Staravia wearing a “Fizzytopian Government” wreath had come to you and delivered a letter, before flying away without any added explanation. That very letter is the reason you’re here right now, and judging by how many other familiar faces you see, you weren’t the only one receiving the missive.

Dear Pokémon Trainer;

On behalf of the Government of Fizzytopia, we would like to congratulate you on your achievements over the past year. Your accomplishments in 2017 have not gone unnoticed, and as such, we extend the following invitation:

The Mayor of New Fizz formally invites you to the New Year’s Grand Celebration that will be held in the City! This event commemorates what has unquestionably been the most memorable year in Fizzytopian History, a year of rebirth for all of us. The numerous successes we have achieved in 2017 would not have been possible without you, and as such, you are considered one of our Guests of Honour!

We look forward to your presence. Hopefully you will find this celebration rewarding!

A sizable crowd has gathered just outside the city gates, but once security in the vicinity see the letter you’re holding, they let you pass ahead. An officer leads you to Knowledge Square, where a government official, clad in an elegant dark red coat with golden embroidery and pristine white trousers, riding atop a Rapidash, greets you warmly.

“Welcome to New Fizz City! I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Please, hop on and I will take you to the heart of the festivities! The Mayor is waiting for you!”

You spot some more Trainers being transported by other officers on Rapidash of their own, most likely having also received a special invitation to the New Year’s celebration. The streets are beautifully decorated, between the Christmas lights that are yet to be taken down and the many banners and other colourful trinkets that celebrate the coming year, dangling from balconies, lamp posts and doors. People you pass by stare at you with eager curiosity, no doubt having heard of the special guests the mayor has invited to New Fizz and wondering if you could be one of them.

After a while of riding, you finally reach the Municipal Plaza, which is positively bursting with both locals and tourists. Merchants from High Street have set up tents all around the square, and a massive stage has been built at the very centre of the Plaza, decorated with blue velvet curtains and a large banner on top that reads “New Fizz City Welcomes 2018!”

“We have arrived,” declares the officer as he forces the Rapidash to stop. Shortly thereafter, a number of other Rapidash line up on each side of you, forming a flaming line of cavalry that has bystanders in awe. “Now we wait for the mayor’s speech.”

It doesn’t take long for that to happen. Once all the summoned Trainers have been brought to the Plaza by the horse-riding officers, a small chubby man in his sixties climbs up on stage and greets the crowd with the widest smile you have ever seen. You can only assume that man to be the mayor, all dressed up in a purple three-piece suit and sporting a phenomenally well-kept moustache that puts Kanto’s Blaine to shame.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he shouts into the microphone after asking an assistant to lower it to match his height, “welcome to New Fizz! My name is Leopold Loffley, and I am the Mayor of this City. I am beyond grateful that you have chosen New Fizz as the place to spend this season! This past year has been historical. Fizzytopia has risen from the ashes like a Ho-Oh, and we witnessed a true miracle – the blossoming of our beloved land as the ideal region for Trainers and Adventurers alike! We have much to be thankful for, and this rebirth would never have been possible without the Elite Four that watch over us, but no less important, without the heroes of this nation of whom we are so proud!”

At this moment, every Rapidash trots forward in perfect synchrony, bringing you and all the other chosen ones close to the stage. People begin to cheer in the Plaza, slowly starting to recognize some of the more accomplished or veteran Trainers.

“And so, I would like to welcome to our City this magnificent crop of Fizzytopia’s best, the Trainers who have put our region back on the map through their repeated displays of bravery, skill and dedication!” The crowd erupts in cheers and applause, and Mayor Loffley continues. “We have decided to reward these Trainers for everything they have given us, a small token of Fizzytopia’s appreciation. In return, I would like to ask of you one thing only…”

The Mayor claps his hands and a shy, clumsy-looking Machoke comes up on stage carrying a second microphone.

“When I call your name, I would like you to join me on stage. You are our inspiration, heroes to all of Fizzytopia, so I propose that you do just that: inspire our people for the coming year! Share with all of us your fondest memories of these past twelve months and some of your resolutions for the next – personal goals, expectations for Fizzytopia’s future… anything! Bless these people with your words!”

Finally, he claps his hands again and a second Machoke comes on stage holding a large glass bowl filled with numbered papers.

“As for your Special Prizes, well, that’s easy! Just choose a number from 1 to 40, and you enter our New Year’s Grand Raffle!” the mayor shouts in excitement. “I hope you enjoy whatever you end up receiving! Well everyone… are you ready?!”



- You have until the end of January 14 (GMT) to post your replies; on that day, prizes will be distributed.

- Ideally, try not to choose numbers that have already been picked, although it's not catastrophic if you do. It just doesn't make much sense from an RP perspective to have several papers with the same number...

- This is a simple little event, almost a giveaway; what you earn here is entirely up to the number you choose and not dependent on your RP skill. Still, I would very much like it if you took this opportunity to elaborate a little on what your character achieved and hopes to achieve going forward! :)

- I sincerely hope you all enjoy your gifts, but please keep in mind that, ultimately, it’s up to luck, and not everyone can share the exact same luck. If the person above or below you gets a prize better than yours, please understand and try to be a sport about it!

- I would like to take this opportunity to thank all mods, updaters and shopkeepers for the amazing things you achieved this part year, effectively reviving a dead game and making it the fun, active RPG that it is today. Here’s to the continued success of FB in 2018! :)
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Dec 11, 2017
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It had been an exciting year for Jayson and getting an invitation to a ceremony in New Fizz City was the icing on the cake. He and many other trainers were escorted through the city on the backs of well trained Rapidash, who were elegant but still failed to hold a candle to Thowra. They were addressed on stage by the major, who requested each of them to make a short speech to the crowd about what they had achieved and what they wished to achieve in the new year. Jayson was first up to speak, prefering to get it done early before his nerves set in. Grabbing the microphone, he outlined a few of the things he had achieved in his first year adventuring through Fizzytopia.

"Happy New Year everyone! My name is Jayson, hailing from the Kanto region. I arrived in Fizzytopia almost midway through the year, although that didn't really stop me from achieving plenty. I arrived with my new starter Atalanta, who has already evolved from a Rowlet into a Decidueye. It didn't take as long to make a new friend, meeting Boudicca my now Mudsdale, while we were celebrating Easter with the Springtime Pyukumuku. It didn't take long for my team to grow and develop, I now have sixteen Pokemon training under me. Most notably we have the likes of Sigurd the Gallade, Balerion the shiny Charizard, Jormungand the giant Gyarados and Spartacus the Scizor. The rest of my team is important as well and they work tirelessly to grow stronger and smarter.

More recently, I have undergone the development of my base of operations in Fizzytopia. I've made use of an existing structure, an old abandoned fort in the wilderness, which I have begun repairing and expanding so my Pokemon and myself have a place to hang out hats. We have made many new friends throughout our journey so far as well. Most notably is Gary, who we visited in the Cloud Garden. While there, we also competed in a trial and managed to defeat the Trial Leader Samuel by the smallest of margins.

In the new year, all we hope to achieve is more fun and exciting adventures, and maybe to encounter a few more friends as well. My team could use a little more diversity and perhaps we might even pursue the secrets of Mega Evolution. I wish you all the best for the new year, make the most out of every opportunity that you have!"

Picking number 4, gotta have my playing position!
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Jan 11, 2017
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William arrived at the ceremony in New Fizz City, an invitation with his name on it was surprising... but most certainly not unwelcome. The only issue he had with the entire situation was the fact that he could also spot a certain someone in the crowd, he huffed upon spotting him. He looked better, that much was certain --- and he had a stunning Leafeon resting on his lap. William sighed, maybe he was better? Maybe he had actually fixed himself and was on the road to recovery? Nonetheless, Will had no intention to forgive the man. Some things are a little too personal to be so easily forgiven. As he took a seat in the crowd, he couldn't help but feel Vinny's eyes glancing in his direction. He shook his head and made an x with his arms, hoping that she would get the message and not point him out to her trainer. She had a sad expression, but gave a small nod nonetheless, turning back around to face the stage.

WIlliam watched the presentation, and upon realizing that he would eventually have to go up to speak made his heart catch in his throat. He might be a teacher, yes, but speaking to people his own age had always filled him with such anxiety. Upon thinking this, he watched the stage. Wondering if him or Isaac would have to go up to speak first.

"William Krause! Come on up!" Called the voice, waving his arm for the man to come up on stage.


Will could see Isaac spin around upon hearing his name, he looked just as shocked as Will felt. He grumbled to himself, walking up on the stage and clearing his throat. "Um... hi. I'm Will." He breathed heavily into the microphone as he spoke, nervous about speaking to the crowd of anxious trainers that sat before him. "I'm a teacher, canine lover, little bit of everything here and there." He chuckled to himself, clutching his hand to his waist in the attempt to make himself more comfortable. "I'm somewhat of a newbie here in Fizzytopia, born in Kalos... came here to become a proper trainer before settling down to teach. In my brief time here, I have discovered countless Pokemon --- I've met some lovely people and many of my lovely Pokemon have evolved. The newest Pokemon to my team, my little baby.." A grin passed upon his face as he gripped a Poke ball and released it onto the stage. "My flower, Cordelia..." He murmured, stroking the face of the Lapras that had appeared before them. "My goals for next year are to collect more Pokemon, preferably some canines. I'd also love to participate in a contest at some point, as I'm sure the rest of my beauties would." He smiled, pulling the microphone from his face and stepping back to be with the other trainers on stage.

The man from the stage came and asked him about the raffle, to which he politely refused. As he stood on stage, the man took the mic again --- this time calling out an all too familiar name.

"Could I get an Isaac Casanova to the stage?" He called, causing Will to tense up. As the man approached the stage, Vinny followed not far behind. He took the mic with ease, probably used to it from his countless performances. As Isaac began to speak, Vinny strutted proudly in front of him.

"Hey. I'm Isaac. And if that name sounds familiar, please don't follow me home." The audience gave a small murmuring of laughter, Will had to wonder if Isaac was as well known as he was in Unova and Kalos. "I'm a former musician, well, that's kind of a lie." He chuckled to himself, rubbing the back of his neck. "I'll be back to it eventually, but for now I'm just a normal trainer like everyone else here." He paused, deciding how in depth he wanted to go. "Three years ago on this day, I was in a dark place. I was addicted to drugs and I pushed away everyone that ever mattered in my life... even my one true love." He looked down, hoping to spot Kyle in the audience. Will sighed, he knew Isaac wasn't talking about him. Even during their time together he was always 'Kyle' this 'Kyle' that, but that didn't matter, he was just happy to see Isaac atone for his sins. "I've been clean for three years, and I intend to make this year four. My goal is to capture more grass types, maybe even get enough inspiration to write a new album." He smiled, bowing for the audience. "Thank you for your time, me and Vinny here-" He bent down to pick up the adorable Leafeon, "Would love to take number 29 for that raffle!" He smiled, walking to join the other trainers at the side of the stage.
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Feb 13, 2012
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To have been summoned by the mayor of Fizzytopia itself was quite the honour, and Alice Hope hadn't hesitated to answer the summons. She had made a point of getting to New Fizz a day earlier, booking a good hotel room to try and get proper sleep and make sure she could look her best for the occasion. Thankfully her choice of formal dress hadn't been too tight, because upon arrival, Alice realised that mounting a Rapidash was involved. Oh, joy. Well, she supposed she'd always wanted to ride one or maybe even capture one, but her fear of fire had gotten in the way. This was an opportunity to enjoy with the knowledge that these steeds were very well trained.

Her short arse was helped on, Alice trying to maintain her dignity given her clothing. At least she had tights on underneath since it was winter, and the hem of the outfit wasn't too low. The fabric was fairly light, coloured a sweet shade of pink, the roundneck torso and long flowing sleeves embellished with frills and sequins; Z-Ring concealed on one wrist and the fancier set of custom medical dog tags hanging around her neck. Some of her blonde hair was tied back into a swirling nest like bun, the rest of it left to flow in free ringlets past her shoulders.

Small hands made dignified waves to the staring crowds, but also to some of the other trainers that Alice recognised on other horses. Keith, for example, Tate and a surprising amount of others. She couldn't decide if she felt spoiled stroppiness with such a good amount of company or honour to be amongst them, and honestly for the princess-type it was probably a mix of both. The Rapidash carried her along to the Municipal Plaza, and Alice sat properly as she listened to the Mayor's words and of the other people who went before her. With help from the officer, Alice dismounted as elegantly as she could, thanking the one with which she exchanged the microphone before stepping up to address her audience.

“Hello everyone, my name is Alice Hope, and I'm Fizzytopia's very pink idol wannabe. And I'm very thankful to be here today.” She began, voice carrying its 'posh' sweetness, words delivered clearly through the speakers. “2017 was my first full year back into Fizzytopia, and a lot of things have happened to me during that time. I settled into the Cloud Garden which I've spent a lot of time adventuring through, and with a lot of the other trainers here I helped defend my home against the snow that tried to take it over. I've worked hard to develop my skills as a trainer, but also in other parts of life, like in Pokemon care and cooking to help take care of myself, my Pokemon and my human friends even better than I could before. But it's also been a year of great self-discovery, to help learn my roots and how they led me on the path I've walked today, to discover and try to push my own limits. I feel honoured knowing that I was one of the many who helped in Fizzytopia's revolution to become a better place for everyone, and although I don't yet feel ready to try and lead in the way that others have, I hope that through my work and everyday actions I can bring joy and help everyone else who lives here. I'll do my best in the year to come to keep pushing for better days for Fizzytopia, and also to keep pestering the poor Adoption Centre – which recently expanded – who are sick of seeing my face almost every single month. I promise that those I adopt are well taken care of. Thank you.”

With a playful smile and slight bow, Alice turned and offered her microphone to the next person before stepping aside to pick out her number. Fingers crossed that 24 had some good shit!
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Feb 21, 2012
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New Fizzy Year’s Grand Celebration!

Dear Pokémon Trainer;

On behalf of the Government of Fizzytopia, we would like to congratulate you on your achievements over the past year. Your accomplishments in 2017 have not gone unnoticed, and as such, we extend the following invitation:

The Mayor of New Fizz formally invites you to the New Year’s Grand Celebration that will be held in the City! This event commemorates what has unquestionably been the most memorable year in Fizzytopian History, a year of rebirth for all of us. The numerous successes we have achieved in 2017 would not have been possible without you, and as such, you are considered one of our Guests of Honour!

We look forward to your presence. Hopefully you will find this celebration rewarding!
Melissa...hadn't expected to receive an invite to a New Year's Celebration in New Fizz as one of the Guests of Honor, but she showed up anyway, curious and a bit bemused at being considered a guest of honor. She flashed the invite at an officer--because it didn't really tell her what to do or where to go once she got here--and he led her to a government official sitting atop a Rapidash. She accepted the official's help getting onto the Rapidash and glanced around as he steered them towards some central location. There were a few familiar faces from the fight with the giant Abomasnow riding along with other officials and the crowd glanced up at them as they passed. They were doing the same to her, but she wasn't exactly trying to think about that.

They arrived at something that was probably a plaza or gathering area, the official steering their Rapidash towards the stage. Once a good number of Rapidash were lined up, a man that she figured was the mayor climbed onto the stage and spoke to the crowd, calling the group of trainers 'heroes of this nation.' Melissa blinked and almost lost her seat when her Rapidash started moving again, staring in confusion as the mayor continued with his praises. Her? A hero? Fizzytopia's best? She wasn't so sure about that.

Not that she got a choice in the matter as the mayor started calling people up to talk about the year's memorable achievements. She tried not to pay much attention to the other trainer's memorable moments, but it was hard when she was having difficulty figuring out what she wanted to say.

By the time her name was called, she still hadn't really settled on what she wanted to say, so she mentally shrugged and figured she'd just have to wing it.

"Uh, hi." She waved and grinned a bit at the crowd. "This year has been...busy for Fizzytopia. And for me. I've finally gone to the Cloud Garden, though it's still gonna take me a while to get to the peak. I participated in the War of Roses and fought a giant Abomasnow with some of the other trainers here." She nodded at some that she recognized. "I visited the Springtide Isle and found a baby Rowlet, which was...I thnk the best thing to happen to me last year." She ducked her head and grinned sheepishly. "This year, I'm aiming to climb to the peak of the Cloud Garden and I've got...a few evolutions that should be happening soon, which will be my first evolutions since I've come to Fizzytopia. I'm hoping to pick up a Mega Stone or two and some more Z-Crystals. Aaaand, I think that's it for me." She glanced around. "Oh! And I'm hoping to open my Base to visitors this year." She grinned. "Now, I'm done."

She stepped away from the mic and headed for the Machoke to claim 18 for the raffle, before hopping off the stage and waiting somewhere...less the center of attention.
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Feb 20, 2013
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Lucas wormed his way through the dense crowd, making a slow progress towards the guarded gates. Monitors and speakers had been set up at the perimeter, exhibiting the stage on which the main event was to take place. Most of the citizens hadn’t paid much mind to the trainer or his Gallade as they approached a guard, Lucas flashing a letter between his gloved fingers.

Earlier that same week, a wreathed Staravia bore them a let from the Fizzytopian government. Without even opening it, Lucas had known what it was about, having had prior discussion with the government. The guards let him through where an officer greeted the trainer and his Gallade. Lucas grumbled something inaudibly. He wasn’t actually interested in making an appearance at the festival. Crowds and people weren’t his favourites but Rags insisted they make an appearance. “Why though,” Lucas repeated the line of questioning from before once their guide was out of earshot.

“Gal-gal-gallade.” The Gallade said something along the lines of that it would be expected from him with his new position. Lucas waved his hand lazily to shut his Pokémon up. He didn’t want to hear about it. Least of all, he didn’t fully yet understand the reasoning for his new wardrobe. Ever since the revolution, Rags had made leaps of effort to remain cordial, and instructing his trainer to do the same. Along being their team’s second-in-command, Rags had now taken up the task of acting as Lucas’ valet of sorts. Nearly everything about Lucas that day; the way he dressed, moved and talked was all decided by the Gallade, who now walked behind his trainer with a graceful stride, arms crossed behind and his back straight as a board.

Lucas tugged at his collar. “I can’t breathe.”


“I feel more like a penguin.”

“Gallade. Gal!”

“Don’t care,” Lucas undid the top button, freeing up his throat and taking an exaggerated breath from relief. “I listened to you when you urged me to wear this, but then I get to decide how I wear it.” He continued pulling on the collar and freeing up the top buttons of his shirt to a slight disarray. The sleeves he rolled up to his elbows in a roguish manner, paying no mind to the weather’s cold clutches. His white dress shirt, now baggy and crumpled, was kept in restraints only by the mauve waistcoat and charcoal slacks. Luckily, Rags sighed, he left those alone. The final picture was one of half-measures: combed hair, ruffled through; ironed white blouse, now creased where possible; sleek black trousers, with mud splashes whenever careful steps were avoided; and dress shoes, second-hand, unpolished and stained.

Despite his efforts to make himself more comfortable, Lucas still felt out of sorts and wanted to quickly U-turn out of the city. Rags swiftly stopped him and spun him back towards Knowledge Square, where the officer led them to a government official and a troupe of trained Rapidash. There was no clear tell that the Rapidash were trained, but as Lucas was made aware of the festivity beforehand, he knew what was to come.

“Welcome to New Fizz City!” she said. “Please, hop on and I will take you to the heart of the festivities! The Mayor is waiting for you!”

Lucas waved his hand to decline the offer. “No thanks. If you don’t mind, Sterope would prefer to stretch her legs and take me to the main stage instead. Besides, Rags here wants to tag along as well, and I don’t believe your Rapidash can hold three people.”

Lucas pulled out a Pokéball from his belt and cracked it open in his hand. The white light spilled out to take the shape of a proud steed, complete with riding gear suited to her and Lucas. The Rapidash gave an excited whinny upon seeing her trainer.

The Gallade gives a respectful nod to the woman as assurance. She stammered for a moment, looking for the words to object when Lucas interrupted her to continue. “Don’t worry, we know about the rituals. Star here has trained for this occasion as well, haven’t you Star,” he stroked her head with a smile to which the Rapidash gave another whinny. Lucas hopped onto his steed, his Gallade following suit and sitting on the back. “Don’t worry Star,” he assured her while stroking her neck, the fiery mane warming his hand without burning them, “it’s only a short ride, you won’t have to carry both of us for long.”


Sterope set out towards the main stage in a gentle trot, coming up to a long line-up of other trainers atop Rapidash. Quite a few of them were proud veterans, while others had been new arrivals. But each had the same thing in common, the reason for their summoning to the city; they had each survived the great rebellion, and helped the land of Fizzytopia get back up to its feet. Today was meant to be day of celebration and honour to these valiant trainers.

Lucas peered to his left and right, spying for people he might have recognised. A few he vaguely recalled from stray meet-ups; Cloud Garden, his old Secret Base. One of the gentleman was Jayson, one of the first trainers to get up to the stage where a Machoke handed him a microphone. The only reason Lucas recalled him was because of Sigurd; the trainer’s Gallade who gained an honorary mention from his trainer. Another trainer was easily spotted by manner of the Meowth perching on his shoulder; Keith waved at the applauding crowds as he passed them by, a contrast to Lucas who could only give uncomfortable smiles towards the cheers and celebrations.

The mayor came out on stage, a beautifully decorated podium of blue velvet curtains and banners, the letters ‘New Fizz City Welcomes 2018!’ in glittering shapes. Trainers were called to stage one by one, ushered to give a speech towards the public and granted amnesty on boasting about their own achievements and successes, as well as their own wishes. Lucas bit his lip in nervous anticipation. He didn’t like being brought into the limelight like this, but he did promise. It wasn’t long before it was his own turn, and Rags made a small effort to get him off the Rapidash on and onto the stage. With a big smile the Machoke handed him the microphone. Lucas nervously placed it close to his mouth, and stared at the crowd who looked at him. A mistake. His heart sank and knot formed itself in his stomach. Luca gulped down hard but Rags quietly relaxed him. They had prepared for this.

“Gre-greetings, citizens of Fizzytopia.”

The crowd immediately cheered at that. Lucas suddenly second-guessed his decision to ruffle his outfit earlier.

”I want to thank you for this celebration you threw in our honour, and I want to thank the mayor especially for organising all of this and for the lovely introduction. To the other trainers I want to give my thanks as well. For sticking by Fizzytopia and helping its citizens. We’ve had a rough year, but thanks to the help of you and your partner Pokémon, we’ve rebuilt the region from the ruins it had crumbled in. You have each played no small part in this endeavour, and it is my sincerest hope you will continue to stick by us as we pursue an ever larger dream of what Fizzytopia may become.
I myself have stayed in the background this past year, only looking out from the shadows. On my own island, me and my Pokémon have trained, striving to be stronger in the hopes we’d gain the strength to help others. My partners are not here to greet you personally, but I assure you that they’re looking from our own Secret Base, eagerly waiting for their chance to re-join you and lend their aid.”

Lucas reached into the bowl of numbers and pulled out his number: 25.

He soon rejoined his fellow trainers. Sitting on the side as he listened quietly to the others’ speeches.
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Sep 9, 2012
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Mélina was quite surprised at the letter she was holding: a very official-looking one from the mayor of New Fizz City, asking to come to celebrate the important new year there, not only because of the historical changes that happened in Fizzytopia, but also for her “achievements” and “accomplishments” she has done. Sure, she did quite a few things the past year, but she didn’t think they were that extraordinary, at least to the point of getting such invitation. Although not strong on partying, she decided to go to it anyways, seeing that such semi-prestigious opportunity couldn’t be passed up. She hoped that there would be some fancy food there, and perhaps there’s more to this “rewarding” celebration.

Boy, was she wrong.

Well it did started ok, with a nice ride on a Rapidash. It was quite the experience, enough that she started wondering if the fire horse would make a nice addition to her team. Soon after all fellow trainers - some she recognized from that infamous Abonmasnow incident in Cloud Garden at the end of last year - have assembled near the stage on the city’s plaza, the mayor appeared and delivered a grand speech that admittedly bore Mélina a bit… until it made her freeze in terror.

“G-get on the stage!? A-and say something in the microphone in front of everyone!?”

While swearing repetitively in her head, the woman nervously looked at the other guests as they get their moment being called to deliver their own little speech. She thanked for the fact that her family name’s first letter was in the middle of the alphabet, so she had the time to think over what she should say… and perhaps to calm down a little. What did she do last year that was so great? What are her plans for this year? Resolutions? Hopes and dreams? And where’s the Aceus-dam food!? Before she had a chance to think of anything, she heard her name being called by Leopold Loffley.

She was done for.

Mélina slowed her walk to the stage, trying to stretch out time away from the fatal moment of standing in front of the microphone. She couldn’t fight her fate though; as much as she was loss in words and red as a Magby, the little pride she got pushed her to do her speech in front of the crowd, not wanting to disappoint them for cowering and not presenting herself at all.

“I… uhm… hi,” she murmured into the mic, hands interlocked behind her back, “I’m Mélina Loiseau… and I did a lot of stuff last year. I-I mean it might not show but I only started being a Pokémon trainer last year. I… admit I didn’t adventure as much as I thought I would. I mean ok I did go through some but… I don’t know, not as much as the other guys.” She looked down her feet, but bravely continued. ”...I still did things though! I’ve opened up my Boutique that I always wanted to do, and it’s doing pretty well! ...I think! And my Pokémon has grown a lot - some evolved too! And I got new ones also! I... haven’t really connected with them yet. But I’m planning to! ...I got too many things planned...” she groaned. “I want to find an actual place to live in, I want to go on more adventures...” Mélina paused, looking side to side uncomfortably. “I-I think I’ve said all I need to say. Uuuuh, Happy New Year everyone?”

After a forced smile and awkward wave to the crowd, she handed over the microphone back to the empty-handed Machoke, then approached the one holding the bowl and the mayor. “Uhm, Mister Loffley? I would like Number 15 for the raffle, if you don’t mind… I-I hope my lucky number will bring me… well, luck!”

...Et de la bouffe,” she muttered under her breath. “J’ai faim.
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Feb 18, 2009
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Earlier that day, Bill was working on some maps using old texts that he studied at a nearby research lab. He had found an area that seemed to not be marked on any maps, or rather not marked correctly. Perhaps this could be the area the Ocean of Mystery would appear? He didn't know for sure. But suddenly Bill found himself face-first into a Staravia that slammed right into him. He shooks his head, getting ready to yell at the Pokemon when he noticed the sash on it. Government-issued, meaning that if he attacked it, he likely would face repercussions. Still though, it shouldn't have flown into the trainer to begin with.

Soon Bill joined in on the festivities with several of his Pokemon in tow. His Finneon was floating by using magnetic waves, his Squirtle was sitting on his shoulder, his Golett was happily running from place to place, when it came to the Rapidash segment, the Golett wanted to race it. Probably the biggest mistake it made, since Rapidash are well known for their speeds. As Bill waited in the line of trainers for his name to be called, he reflected on how many changes had happened in the past year. There was so much that happened to him that were effectively life changing. Soon, he walked on stage.

"Hello, I'm Bill Darius. I'm from the Sevii Islands, Floe Island to be exact," he said to the crowd. "For me, this year has been a doozy. I had lost everything I had to my name almost. Except these three Pokemon." He gestures towards his Golett, Finneon, and Squirtle. "We have been through so many adventures, thick and thin, some close calls, sometimes we came up empty handed."

Silence fell.

"But, I am not letting that discourage me," Bill says as he pulls out three more Pokeballs revealing his Alolan Geodude, his Beldum, and his Delibird. "Even though, life has thrown lemons at me, I'm making lemonade with what it has. I might've lost my old friends, but I made new ones too. And each of my Pokemon have been through a lot too. My Finneon, Swift, has been given a curse that solidified his scales, but that makes him more unique than ever before. My Golett, Megas, has become a lot more restrained in their actions, and while they do impulsive things, they are becoming wiser as a result. My Squirtle, Silver..." Bill paused for a second before continuing, "my best friend in the world. When he was a lot younger, he nearly died in a polluted area, I swam out to save him. He has had my back throughout my life, when I made good decisions, when I made bad decisions. I couldn't ask for a more loyal friend."

He turned back to the crowd before finishing, "I've been researching a lot of ancient texts lately. I'm hoping to find the area where it all started, that fickle place called the Arcane Realm. It has something of mine and I will claim it back." Bill and all of his Pokemon give an aura of confidence.

Bill approaches the raffle and grabs out his number. "Thirteen. Let's see how this unlucky number turns into luck for me."
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Gary nervously waited in line as trainers got up one by one to address the crowd on their accomplishments of the past year and then stated goals they resolved to achieve in the next. Beutiflies danced in his stomach as his mind raced to think of what to say. So much had happened in the past year that he didn’t even know where to start. After a couple more minutes, it was finally his turn, but he had thought of nothing. Gary gulped and slowly got to his feet. He hated public speaking and often froze up when the attention was all on him. Sure, he had taken a job as a tour guide at the Marine Tube in Unova while he was studying marine biology, but tour groups were much smaller than the audience gathered here today, and he was able to lose himself in the material when discussing water Pokemon.

As he approached the microphone, Gary could feel himself turning red. He didn’t want to embarrass himself or make this anymore awkward than it had to be, so for now he was just going to have to wing it. “Hi there, my name is Gary and I come from the Johto region. About fourteen years ago I started my Pokemon journey here in Fizzytopia. My Pokemon and I shared many adventures together, but eight or so years ago I decided to finish my studies in the Unova region. Earlier last year my Pokemon and I decided to come back and finish what we started, and so much has happened that I don’t even know where to start! I’ve made so many new friends, human and Pokemon alike. The kind people of the Cloud Garden have even taken me in like one of their own; it really feels like my new home. My goal for this year is to keep growing as a person and extending my welcome and kindness to others, just as others have done to me! Thank you.” With that, Gary smiled and reached into the bowl to pick out a lottery number. As he pulled his hand out, Gary held it up and read the number 27.
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As the mayor's speech draws to a close Big swallows as he waits for his name to be called. Public speaking isnt exaclty his forte but after gaining some courage being on his own and commanding his pokemon he feels more ready. As he comes up he takes one last big breath and starts.
"This year, while not my first here, it kind of feels like it. I have recieved a lot of help from many of the people here in getting my feet and I am excited to continue on. I met my Swinub Elsa and I feel more connected with my other pokemon more than ever. This year my goal is to meet even more new friends and pokemon. Thanks everyone." He reaches into the bowl and picks up the one marked with the number 1. He then quickly sits down and takes several deep breaths.
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Staravia weren't uncommon in the Swiftwing Wood. Staravia that wore banners and readily approached people were somewhat moreso. Tate was pulling weeds in the patch of wildflowers that grew at the foot of the tree in which a haphazard home for both trainer and Pokémon had been constructed,
when the massive bird fluttered down amidst the blossoms, massive wings kicking up dirt and stray leaves. Makani the Hoppip and Pakalōlō the Oddish, who had until that point been happily frolicking through the flora, shrieked in fright and fled from the potential predator. Well... okay. More accurately, Makani shrieked and then listed away, limbs flailing violently even as her airy body bounced pathetically like a balloon in the grass, making almost no progress in her escape. Pakalōlō took about fifteen seconds longer than she should have to even realize there was a carnivorous bird within striking distance. She then tried to help Makani flee, but lacking forelimbs she could do little more than fling her body against the Hoppip's. Tate watched blankly for several seconds the spectacle of an unnecessarily screaming Oddish rolling an also unnecessarily screaming Hoppip across the grass using it's face as a pushing surface.
They made it about six feet before collapsing into an exhausted pile of leaves.

"...right," Tate said, clasping both hands together. No one in this house would survive in the wild, probably including Tate.


Tate had never ridden a Rapidash before.
Kahakai, being Kahakai, had to accompany her trainer, yet also refused the notion of being encapsulated in her Luxury Ball; sometimes Tate didn't even see the point in carrying the damn thing if she never used it. The passerby on the street seemed excited as they rode through the city, but Tate had a suspicion that the Vaporeon was the most interesting part of the spectacle. Other trainers joined in on the march until a small calvary had formed, and when they all fell in line, dozens of manes flaming like torches from the gods, it was truly amazing to behold. Tate looked around at the other trainers, a surprising number of them familiar thanks to the Johtonian's work at the Adoption Center. Sincerely, Tate hoped that they, and their Pokémon, were all doing well. They all seemed to be looking good, at least... really good. Most of the other trainers seemed to have dressed up for the occasion, Tate realized. Tate had worn nice clothes, too, but now was considering that maybe one should be in possession of apparel more formal than 'jeans and that one good t-shirt'. Oh well, too late now.

One by one, the mayor called up trainers, and Tate's turn arrived all too quickly. Absorbed in the quandry of whether wrestling merch was appropriate for a formal occasion, the largely oblivious trainer was caught off guard when the portly mayor announced an all-too-familiar name. Head snapping to attention, Tate looked around, nervously, before slowly sliding off the Rapidash. Kai dropped down after her trainer, landing with significantly more grace than her human companion, and the pair made their way together into the stage.

"Um... hello," Tate croaked, voice breaking slightly. Making a harsh sound into the mic in an effort to clear away the choke, Tate looked out onto a sea of faces and fire. Maybe it would have been a good idea to prepare a speech ahead of time? "My name is Tate. Some of you probably know me already, if, um... You've ever been to the Kalapona Wai Adoption Center."

There was a soft whine as something cause a momentary feedback through the mic -- possibly the PokéGear that hung from a lanyard around Tate's neck.

"It's been a weird year," Tate continued, when the noise dissipated. "Eleven months ago, Kai and I were on our way to Poni Island, in the Alolan archepelago. I didn't plan to wind up here -- I'm still not entirely certain where 'here' is, exactly -- but it hasn't been that bad."

Tate looked down at Kai, who turned her gaze up towards her trainer. Tate was always dragging Kai into situations she didn't want to be in, and Kai was largely uncompromising in her wants to the point of making Tate's life consistently more difficult than it needed to be, but they had endured a great deal together. They were friends, partners, and family. Tate smiled, and Kai closed the distance between them, rubbing the length of her body against Tate's calf.

"When we arrived here, Kai was just an Eevee,"
Tate informed the audience, newly emboldened. "Now she's, well... She's great. She was always great, but she's grown so much. She has a family now, you know. They're not with us today -- they're back home -- but they're good kids. Kehili and Ahi -- super cute. She's a good mom."

Tate paused for breath, and took a moment to unclasp five Luxury Balls from the belt hidden beneath the hem of the Hounds of Justice
shirt that Tate evidently thought was appropriate for this function.

"I have 27 Pokémon," Tate continued. "A few years ago, I couldn't imagine having one. I have some of them here with me today, but as per League rules, well, I couldn't exactly bring them all. They're all spectacular, though, they really are. My Kangaskan -- Ō'pio -- adopted a baby over Christmas. She's not the sentimental type, so that was a surprise. That's nice though, right? Don't let anyone ever tell you there's no such thing as altruism in this world. Um..."

Tate fidgeted, struggling to hold all five balls in one hand; even minimized, it was a challenge. Picking through them, looking for the small marks that indicated who was inside which of the otherwise identical orbs, Tate selected one.

"I know that what everyone really came here to see was all the cool Pokémon," Tate acknowledged. With a press of a button, the inhabitant of the first ball was released in a brilliant flash of light -- a Feraligatr, who looked significantly more ferocious than Tate knew her to be.

"This is Niho," Tate introduced, as the beast crossed the stage with thundering steps to embrace her trainer. Lifted several inches off the ground by the bear hug, Tate squeaked. "She's really sweet, as you can see."

There was a smattering of laughter from the crowd as Tate shuffled the balls and released the next creature -- a Tranquill.

"Ho'opunipuni -- Puni, we call him -- was the first Pokémon I ever caught. An Ariados -- like, a really big one -- tried to eat us," Tate mused, recalling the gruesome near death experience far too casually. "He's kind of a little shithead."

Puni trilled in offense at the allegation -- although he couldn't really dispute it -- while somewhere off stage an official's face lost it's color at the casual swearing. Returning the first two empty balls to their belt clips, Tate released the next two party members simultaneously -- Makani, and Pakalōlō.

"I know these two aren't as impressive as Niho," Tate began, catching hold of Maka as she began to drift away on the light winter breeze. Returning her to the stage floor, the trainer picked up Paka and sat the Oddish gingerly on top of the broad but light body of the Hoppip, like a sentient paperweight. Four beady eyes lit up in unison as the pair marvelled over the surprisingly elegant solution to an ongoing problem. Maka proceeded to shuffle across the stage excitedly with her Paka hat, oblivious to all else, as their trainer continued to speak.

"But I think that we should all take a moment to appreciate how special all Pokémon are.
I adopted Maka and Paka both from the Adoption Center. Niho too, actually, but-... Of course she got adopted, right? She's 'cool'. But Make and Paka are cool, too! And so are all of the other Pokémon who still live at the Adoption Center, so... This year, I hope you'll all consider providing a home for a Pokémon in need."

There was a beat of awkward silence, and then Tate moved on. Maka and Paka's balls were likewise returned to their clips, leaving only two black orbs in the rapidly emptying palm.

"I know no one else really did this," Tate mused, self aware, while trying to orient the next ball for release. "Showing off all their Pokémon, I mean. I hope this isn't boring, or running too long. I just don't think I can celebrate my 'successes' without my Pokémon beside me. They are my successes. You know?"

Tate's face lit up, visibly, as the next Pokémon took shape on the podium itself. A bizarre, bird like creature, with blue and yellow feathers, it was evidently quite young,
and struggled to support the weight of his own head. The creature cooed softly, the sound picked up by the mic, as its trainer stroked it.

"Mua is an Archen," Tate told the momentarily more interested crowd. "I, um, I won't call him my favorite, because that would be kind of unfair, but... I'm really excited to have him in my life. See, I really like birds -- right, Puni? -- and Archen -- " Tate paused, picking the protobird up under the wings and lifting him high, for everyone to see "-- is the first bird to ever exist, we think. They're extinct in the wild and have been for millions of years, but science is amazing, and we've learned how to clone them from fossilized DNA. There's even captive breeding programs now! Long before I came to this place, I considered myself a scientist. I've sort of given up on those dreams, but-... holding this little guy in my hands, it reminds me of why I ever harbored that dream in the first place. The natural world is incredible."

Lowering Mua back down to a reasonable position, Tate craddled the young Archen in one arm, clumsily returning his ball to its clip as well before producing the last, and possibly anticlimactic, member of the team: a Snorunt.

"This is Ulupi'i and I met her during the worst vacation of my life," Tate sighed. Kai barked in agreement -- she had been there, and it had indeed sucked. "I mostly brought her with me because I thought she'd like the cold, and-... Hey, where'd you get that?"

Tate's train of thought derailed abruptly upon noticing that Ulupi'i had something clutched in her stubby forelimbs -- a shimmering, seagreen rock. Ulupi'i, ignoring her trainer, began to walk off of the stage to Celebi knew where, forcing her trainer to give abrupt chase.

"Did you take that from my backpack?! Give it here," Tate yelled, loud enough for the first few rows to hear even without the mic. Mua flopped gracelessly in his trainer's grasp, the caring embrace dissolving into something less tender as Tate became fixated on retrieving the stolen object. Outpacing the Snoring thanks to a significantly longer stride, Tate blocked her escape path and swooped low,
reaching for the pilfered stone. Just as Tate seized it, however, it and Ulupi'i began to glow, the latter of which seeming to dissolve into pure energy that twisted and warped and grew, until it dissipated entirely, leaving something very different from a Snorunt in it's wake.

"Ahh-ahhhh," Ulupi'i sang, in an ethereal voice that served to unnerve everyone who heard it. The stone -- it's surface dull now that it's energy had been exhausted -- hung in the air between trainer and Pokémon, clutched by a hand and two significantly longer, billowing forelimbs. Tate stared at Ulupi'i and Ulupi'i stared at Tate, before her tiny claws slipped free from the stone, travelling instead up Tate's forearm in such a way that Tate reeled back promptly in visible discomfort. Hugging Mua very tightly with both arms, Tate took a few steps backwards, before looking out at the crowd. For just a moment too long, everything was still; then Tate adjusted Mua's weight and slowly drifted back to the podium.

"That was-... an impromptu demonstration on evolution," Tate murmured, distantly, mind clearly elsewhere. "I, um... I've done so much this year, with my family. These are-... these are just a few of my loved ones, but there are so many more, and I-"

Tate's voice trailed off again; Ulupi'i had followed her trainer, and had draped her long,
unnatural arms around Tate's shoulders. The air felt unusually cold, and Tate had begun to feel nauseated. Face contorting in discomfort, the trainer leaned into the mic, and murmured, breathlessly:

"I hope-... This next year is as wonderful for you as it has been for us..."

Taking ticket number 34.
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Austin scowled. He hated this place. Everything about this city put him on edge and irrationally angry. He much rather be back in Bedlam Ridge than this place. It felt... a bit fake to him. He was only here because he was gonna get something out of it. He'd never dare set foot in this city out of his own free will. If he wanted a city, he'd go to Bedlam Ridge. There was more of a charm there anyways, at least to him. Sure, people would compare it to a shit hole, but he rather be in a shit hole than this... place. If he was being honest, he'd be back in that shitty hell with the creepy Hex Maniac than be in New Fizz City.

The teen looked towards the sky, his thoughts drowning out the speeches before him. He didn't care at all, really. Was it rude? Yes. But his apathetic, cynical ass really did not give a flying fuck. What did he accomplish this year? Almost nothing. He did recover a few of his memories, but, all they did was raise questions more than answer his existing ones. Where was William? What happened that day? The thoughts constantly pounded through his head. He needed a break. Even when he went to Minnao for the summer he almost drowned. It seemed like everything was out to kill him. Not that he didn't mind dying, but he at least wanted answers at first before he finally kicked the bucket.

Though, there was something about the sky that captivated him. Space was the final frontier... And he felt more and more drawn to the idea of going. Though, he was stuck grounded on this planet. He had heard rumors of a space colony being built, but apparently that plan got axed for now? He didn't understand why. It would be awesome to go and explore that final frontier. Maybe he could try and help get those plans off the ground again. No, that was probably not gonna happen. The government would approve another city before they'd approve that. He laughed, causing a few people to stare at him. Oh, right, people were giving speeches. Heavens forbid he be rude.

Eventually his name was called. He cringed, not wanting to go up there. Everyone would stare at him. Well, if people were gonna stare at him, he'd give them a show to remember. He trudged his way through there crowd, each step resonating his mounting dread. Did more people show up while he was daydreaming? He swore there was less people in the crowd when he arrived. Oh well, it was time to give 2017 its grand fuck you. He made his way up the stairs, each step of his sounding more like a stomp. He eventually grabbed the microphone and started to speak.

"Sorry, I don't have any of these grand stories like the other people. All that's happened to me was that I almost died. Multiple times. So yeah. Fuck all of you," he spoke then dropped the mic on the ground and flipped the bird to the crowd. A loud reverb sounded through the area, and a cocky grin came onto his face. No way in hell he was gonna pick it up. He then grabbed a ticket from the raffle bowl, using the shock of his action to quickly jump off the stage and disappear into the crowd. He looked at his ticket number. 11. May it be lucky.
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2017. What a year it's been for the Fizzytopia region, and who knew this better than Keith Masters? A year of chaos and uncertainty, followed by promise, rebirth, and regrowth. The old Elite Four stepping down and just up and vanishing. The ensuing chaos. And the remarkable individuals who did their best to restore order to Fizzytopia, rebuild it, make it infinitely better than it used to be.

But right now, none of that was on Keith's mind.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Keith groaned into his PokéGear. "For the fifth time- the warp panel in the Battle Room goes to the kitchen, not the dining room!" A pause. "Yes, there's already one in the kitchen, I know that- I mean for there to be two in the kitchen! One leading to the dining room, one leading to the Battle Room! OK, thank you, now you're getting it!" he added in response to whatever was said on the other end. "Hmm? No, no, don't touch anything in the game room, I'll be setting that stuff up myself. Now, is the guest bedroom fireplace finally done?" he added. "...OK, good, good," he nodded, significantly calmer by this point. "OK. Yes, I should be home soon, and- eh?" he said suddenly, for at that moment, he saw a Pokémon flying down to him- a Staravia, wearing a "Fizzytopian Government" wreath and clutching an envelope in its beak. Curious, Keith accepted the letter from the Normal/Flying-type and read through it. "...Scratch that," Keith said into the PokéGear. "I'll be home soon, but I'm going right back out again."


Such were the hassles Keith was undergoing in the efforts to finish up his brand new Secret Base. By this point in the proceedings, the house was inhabitable- all the rooms had their walls painted and floors carpeted, the elevator was functional, there was electricity, working plumbing, gas, and the giant screen TVs were all functional, not only for television purposes but also as videophones. It was more or less the little things at this point that Keith had hired people to help finish up, such as the warp panel hookups (he was tempted to try this himself, but it was very strongly recommended he rely upon trained Silph technicians for this) and also the aftermath of a minor incident involving Keith's Binacle, the guest bedroom fireplace, and a couple of Mugs of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer. It wouldn't be long, Keith was hoping, before he could open up his Secret Base for visitors at long last.

But right now, there were more pressing matters at hand- namely, the Rapidash Keith was riding upon to get into New Fizz City. And he was by no means the only one being transported in such a manner- he supposed that a whole flock of Staravia had gone out bearing identical letters, each one addressed to a different notable Pokémon Trainer. There were new faces and familiar faces alike among those being transported on Rapidashback. The pace was decidedly more leisurely than one would expect from a Rapidash, but Keith didn't mind- this gave him a chance to see the various sights and decorations, between the Christmas decorations that were still up, and the New Year's banners and the like. There were many people staring curiously. Keith couldn't help but smile and wave at those who were staring at him, and the same could be said for the Meowth on his shoulder.

"Man," Meowth remarked as they proceeded onward. "Now dis place knows how ta ring in da New Year!"

"Boy, I'll say," Keith agreed. "I- Meowth, look!"

"Eh? Wha- oooh," Meowth replied, turning his head and seeing what Keith was seeing- they'd reached the Municipal Plaza, which was so packed with people that the ground couldn't be seen. What could be seen, however, was the massive stage in the very center, with its blue velvet curtains and the "New Fizz City Welcomes 2018!" banner. It was a grand sight indeed, and as the officer stopped his Rapidash (as did the other officers with their own Rapidash, each one carrying a different Trainer), it became clear that that was where they were headed... after Mayor Loffley's speech, of course. Mayor Leopold Loffley had a wide smile, a highly noticeable purple suit, and the sort of mustache that one might associate with a Jellicent. Come to think of it, hadn't there once been a Trainer in Fizzytopia who'd had a Jellicent named Loffley? Hmm...

As the mayor spoke, his mention of the region's heroes was a cue for the Rapidash to trot forward as one, carrying the invited guests forward. Mayor Loffley welcomed them warmly, stating his intention to reward them all for their bravery, their dedication, for everything they've done for the region. Keith was grinning at this- he was never really one to expect or demand any sort of recognition or reward for the good he'd do, generally considering the good deeds themselves to be reward enough. But even still, he couldn't pretend that the mayor's words didn't sound welcome and pleasing to his ears. There was just one catch... each of them had to get up on stage and say a little something. Share their fondest memories of 2017, and some of their resolutions for 2018. Inspire the people of New Fizz City. And as for the prizes- they were each to pick a number between 1 and 40, and they'd be entered in their New Year's Grand Raffle.

Keith... was not one for making speeches. The last time he made a speech was when he'd been sent back in time by a volcano goddess, and even then, it was for people who couldn't understand what he said, so Meowth was his translator. Somehow this wasn't going to be quite like that. Nevertheless, he got his thoughts in order by the time Mayor Loffley called out, "Keith Masters!"

And just like that, Keith was up on stage. He cleared his throat nervously, before speaking up. "Hello, everyone," he said. "So... 2017 was some year, huh? Lot of crazy stuff happening. I know it was a big year for me. In early April, for one thing, I was finally reunited with the love of my life," he smiled. "Just after the Fizzbylution began- met up with her in the old Bar in Yupien City. Certainly a day I'll never forget. Also of note, earlier this year, I and a group of friends, we managed to stop my Shadow Ledian from, whether you believe it or not, taking over the world. In the process of doing so, I was actually able to purify him, and in fact, you can see him now for yourself," he added, plucking a Luxury Ball off his belt and enlarging it. "Stewie, come out!" Keith called, tossing up the Luxury Ball.

In a flash of light, a bright red, decidedly not Shadow in any way, Ledian appeared. "Led Ledi!" Stewie exclaimed, grinning at the crowd in what was unmistakably a good-natured sort of way.

"For those of you who may have seen him prior to his purification, you'll notice what a big difference this is," Keith grinned. "And on a related note, my old Secret Base wound up completely destroyed. Which is actually not as bad as it sounds," he added hastily, hoping to not worry anyone unnecessarily. "It had been completely evacuated, I lost nothing completely irreplaceable, and my brand-new Secret Base, located on old Salt Wave Coast, though now I call it Sludge Wave Coast, is nearing completion, and I hope to open it to all visitors in the near future."

"And then there's my Pokémon Training," Keith added. He took a moment to tweak the brim of his Mega Hat, and did so with his left hand, the effect being that both the Key Stone and his Poisonium Z caught the sunlight. "Earlier in the year, I was one of many Trainers who journeyed to Springtide Isle, and the Egg I found hatched into an adorable Shiny Mareanie. In fact, I'll show you her now," he added, this time opening up a Poison Ball. "Aster, come on out!"

Upon spotting the huge crowd before her, Aster blushed vividly and lowered her two front legs, thereby concealing her face and forming a perfect spiky dome, going into a Baneful Bunker on pure instinct. Once that stopped, the Shiny Toxapex quickly hid behind Keith's legs, hugging said legs tightly, shivering slightly.

Keith crouched down and carefully picked up the shy Poison/Water-type in his arms. "It was just after catching Aster here that I found this Z-Ring, complete with Poisonium Z, and it wasn't too much longer until I learned how to use the Poison-type Z-Move. Not just with Aster here, either- many of my Pokémon have pulled off a perfect Acid Downpour. OK, Aster, want to go back in the ball?" Keith added.

"T-Toxa," murmured Aster, nodding.

Keith nodded back, smiling reassuringly as he withdrew Aster. "And it's not just Z-Moves- this year, I was also able to obtain a variety of Mega Stone that I've been after for some time now- a Banettite. I would have shown you all, except I don't actually have either of my Banette on me," he added sheepishly. "They share it between themselves- if one isn't holding it, the other is."

"But it's not just what I've gotten- it's also what I've done. I was able to help calm down an enraged school of Wishiwashi in Lake Orta before they could cause any real destruction. I and my Shiny Dustox put on a cool performance for a few of the residents of Le Marécage Noir at Halloween. I got that Banettite only after making my way through a seriously haunted funhouse made all the more screwy with the powers of a school of Inkay. I helped a friend battle a member of a shady organization who was trying to use this mind control device he created to take control of her Pokémon, and we not only won, but my friend's Pokémon destroyed that device, setting them way back. I've seriously weakened Team Rocket as an organization, taking down their Executives and even forcing their boss to disband the organization altogether. Granted, this might not be as permanent a fix as it sounds like it ought to be, since apparently the last time he disbanded Team Rocket it didn't really take, but it's still not nothing," he grinned. "And all that is just what's gone on this past year! I could start in on my achievements of years past, but... we could be here a while," he chuckled. "So I won't subject you all to that. Instead, my resolutions, my goals moving forward... Ladies and gentlemen, though I train many kinds of Pokémon, and am generally willing to welcome any type onto the team, I am first and foremost a Poison-type specialist. In 2018, I want to catch and train even more Poison-types, maybe some I've never even heard of before. I want to discover more Z-Crystals, master more Z-Moves, maybe become able to Mega Evolve even more of my Pokémon than I already can. I want to be the very best, like no one ever was," Keith grinned. "I'm not likely to become a Pokémon Master in this coming year, but I hope to at least take a step or two in that direction in 2018. And maybe... just maybe... maybe this year I'll finally take swimming lessons," he concluded. "And so, with that, I'd like to take #33 for the raffle."
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It was a bright morning that day. As Mint was returning to the docks and heading for her small motorboat from her trip to the Global Trade Station to receive Pastinha, a Staravia dressed in laurels from the New Fizz City government dropped a letter in her hands. She was a mite jealous, as she quite wanted a Staraptor herself, but she followed the directions in the letter. Her reason for being there would be...different, for rather than being a veteran hero of the region, she'd be a new face, a demonstration of how new Trainers now thrived in Fizzytopia. With a bit of a huff, as the trip was quite out of the way, she turned and started trekking towards the city.

The escort to such a luxurious stage on the back of a Rapidash was quite an experience for the new Trainer. Of all the faces, she could only pick out one-Keith Masters, whom she'd met at the bar just about a week or two prior-they seemed to keep running into each other, as she remembered having seen him at the Winter Market as well, though they hadn't met then.

Mint stayed toward the back of the crowd, a little nervous to be in front of all these people. Thankfully, it seemed that Mayor Loffley was leaving her for last. She didn't mind that at all, really, she needed the time to psych herself up-if only she knew the move!

When the time finally came, Mint strode to the microphone, keeping her neutral expression locked in stone, lest her nervousness poke through.

"Hello, everyone. My name is Mint Earhart. I'm here today, not as one of the many veteran heroes you've heard speak today, but as proof that the new Fizzytopia is helping new Trainers to get their start and thrive here. In fact, just today, a lot of us here found ourselves in possession of new Pokémon, and I am no exception, though I and another agreed to trade our new acquisitions. And thus, I've come by the first step towards one of my favorite Pokémon and my first new teammate-" she paused, as she withdrew a Poké Ball and released the Tyrogue within-"Pastinha, the Tyrogue!" she finished, curtsying to the audience. "The new year, for me, marks the start of a new journey, a new adventure. And so my resolution is to seek out new teammates, both my favorites and maybe some I wouldn't consider, train them, and become the strongest Trainer I can possibly be!" Mint added, finally believing her own hype, the nervous tension gone from her body. "Celeste and I are gonna travel all over and meet all kinds of people and Pokémon, and soon, our island abode will be teeming with all the friends and partners we've made! With all that being said, the three of us will take the number 35."

And with that, Mint left the microphone and joined the others at the other side of the stage. Despite now being at the front of the crowd, she didn't mind it in the slightest.
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Dec 20, 2017
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Athena folded up the letter in her hand and smiled. It was certianly year to reflect on, after all it wasn't every year that she could say she started out as a Pokemon trainer. She was much older than your average trainer on their first adventure but she felt like she had grown a lot. It was an honor to be recognized, even though she felt like she had not done as much as others. She chose an outfit fitting for the new year and prepared her Pokemon to head out to New Fizz City.
With her Mawile Eclair in tow, Athena presented the official letter she had recieved at the gate and followed an officer inside. She hoped that the officer wouldn't recognize her, she didn't want to have to deal with any trouble from the NFC police again. Athena lifted Eclair up onto the Rapidash, the Mawile looking wary around the flames that made up its mane. Athena joined her, riding side-saddle up onto the stage. The trainer watched as others approached the microphone and shared their memories. Some showed off their Pokemon, while others reminisced about adventures they had been on. Soon -- way too soon -- the microphone was placed in Athena's hand. She wouldn't consider herself one prone to stage fright, but there were just so many people in the crowd. She took a deep breath, glanced at Eclair for reassurance, then addressed the crowd.
"Hi there, I'm Athena, from Kalos. It's been really exciting being far from home on an adventure with Pokemon," she started. "I've met a lot of new friends," Eclair grinned and waved at the crowd. "And been to a lot of interesting places. So..." Athena looked around, feeling nervousness creeping up on her again as she tried to figure out how to wrap things up. "I think the most important thing I learned is that you don't have to be a 10 year old to go on an exciting Pokemon journey. I hope that is inpsiring to you! Happy New Year!" She gave a short wave to the crowd and passed the microphone to the next trainer. Looking over at the Machoke holding the bowl of numbers, Athena took a minute to think about what number she wanted. The first thing that came to her mind was 12. She had come to rely more on her instincts, this felt like a good choice.
Doll Demon
Mar 19, 2012
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"Hmph. Mayor Jules Brown, it says..."

A pair of arms, sheathed in the sleeves of a sleek, grey double-breasted frock coat, cross together tightly, as the black-gloved right hand clenches on what appears to be a tourist pamphlet. The words, spoken from smoke-stained lips, rumble softly, but clearly. Light-brown, almost orange eyes narrow from behind full-rimmed metal eyeglasses, as if the answers to her internal questions will come into view more clearly if she focuses her gaze on the purple spectacle that smiles and shouts before her.

"Seems our boy Leopold has some reprinting to do..." The woman laughs harshly, before letting the pamphlet slip from her fingers and tumble for a moment in the wind, before falling to the ground. The action causes a nearby Stufful, who seems to have been hiding in the woman's shadow, to jump with a start, before moving in to examine the crumpled pamphlet.

"Hm?" The trainer raises a curious eyebrow, her words slow and deliberate. "Don't you know to pay no mind to trash?" The Stufful nods sheepishly and slowly moves away. The trainer grunts, adjusting the thick, black scarf around her neck. After a moment's pause, she turns to her Pokemon. "When the powers that be of New Fizz City deign to provide us with some more accurate information, we can read it together. How does that sound?"

The Stufful grins practically from ear to ear. Her trainer shakes her head, pulling the black scarf over her nose and mouth, shielding her face against the bitter January cold. As individuals were called to the stage, one by one, the woman watches intently. In truth, she had no envelope, no invitation - she considered herself one of many tourists, milling about the Municipal Plaza to gawk at the accomplished members of New Fizz society. And yet, that was inaccurate, as this was to be her home... these, her fellow trainers. It was hard to wrap her head around. Back in Celadon, she and her "friends" at the Game Corner used to celebrate the new year with a bonfire deep in the woods of Viridian Forest, and the finest whiskey they could get their paws on, with foul-mouthed resolutions mostly revolving around fever dreams of drunken romantic conquests and gristly murders (usually not at the same time, but after the fifth round of shots or so, it all blurred together). Of course, she didn't drink, so they'd put aside a special cigar for the New Year, just for her.

This year, it came in a lovely little box in the mail, with a note sarcastically suggesting that she resolve to become a Pokemon Master so she could defeat every single cop in Kanto and come back home. How that managed to get through Pelipper mail - complete with rather gruesome stick drawings of various Pokemon running riot on Celadon's police force - was a mystery to her. The trainer grits her teeth. If she had played her cards a bit better - been a bit less trusting - she could be home, smoking that cigar in front of the fire, instead of listening to this...

"Bia, I think I would rather have a bullet lodged firmly in my skull than hear another young, starry-eyed trainer infected with the positivity plague crawl up and vomit personal history and well-wishes across the stage." With the bitter statement hanging stagnant in the air, Bia's trainer turns to walk away from the stage. A mere few steps away from the crowd, Bia squeaks in protest. Her trainer turns around, ready to provide swift admonishment for being held back from her objective, when she notices the nervous Machoke on stage trip when handing the mike to the next trainer... though he stops himself from falling on his face, one of the slips of paper flies out of the bowl in the momentary lapse of coordination, which the winter winds immediately pick up and blow into the crowd. The Stufful, despite earlier shyness, is filled with newfound bravery at the sight of the errant raffle ticket, and bounds into the crowd with childlike enthusiasm after it... an enthusiasm which quickly turns bloody as the little bear viciously fights for her space, and her prize. It only takes a few cries of pain and the single, sickening snap of a bystander's bone for Bia's trainer to immediately recall the Pokemon back to her Pokeball before her Pokemon's behavior gets her thrown back in jail. Never again...

Blending into the crowd and moving away from the scene before the tourists and trainers figure out the cause of the injuries in the fray, the woman seeks shelter in the shadow of a tent selling Year of the Dog plushie souvenirs in honor of 2018, with Growlithes, Rockruffs and other canine Pokemon sporting 2018 New Fizzy Year's Grand Celebration collars. The moment the Stufful is back out of her ball, she bounds up towards one of the plushies, nearly taking out the stall in the process. The trainer clears her throat, and Bia immediately sits, wide-eyed at attention. In appeasement, the Stufful opens her mouth, and sticks out her tongue... upon which is stuck a rather moist piece of paper.

"Hmph." The trainer very carefully peels the paper off the Pokemon's tongue, revealing it to be 39. A small smile creeps across her face. "Lucky girl. I hope you win something nice..."

Bia tilts her head, before nodding emphatically and squeaking. Her trainer merely sighs in response, her eyes briefly scanning the price of the plushies and grimacing. $50 for something Bia would likely tear apart in seconds... but maybe all that talk of friendship, journeys and adventures was getting to her.

Positioning her gloved hand just so, she snatches a Houndour plush at the exact opportune moment the shopkeeper becomes enthralled with a trainer's heartwarming tale regarding the past year, quickly shoving the stolen toy under her coat and moving away. Perhaps it would take a bit more than hopeful words of the future - or the incarceration of her past - to change her ways. All she had was the present, and that present was going to be for Bia.
Light and Dark
Jul 2, 2012
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As one of the trainers that had been around Fizzytopia for years before the change, it was fitting that Hyrem be a part of a huge celebration, though he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the invitation regardless. He had never been to New Fizz City before; it was something he was saving for an adventure with Pokemon like Selina, but he wasn't about to turn down an invite like this. When he was offered to ride on an unfamiliar Rapidash, for a moment he wished he had brought along his own, Kenna, but he figured it wouldn't have been in good taste to be the only person on his own Rapidash anyway. Besides, the six Pokemon he chose to bring along with him were all picked for a good reason.

Looking around, there were many familiar faces, most belonging to the trainers he had met at Cloud Garden, along with a few he had known long before that, all of whom were on other Rapidash with these policemen, and it seemed this city was willing to go all out for this celebration as they welcomed heroes from all walks of life. It would be some time before Hyrem was called to the stage to say his piece and pick his number, but eventually the time came, and he nodded before walking up to the podium. Before he could even say a word, however, he could feel a familiar breeze against his face that only he felt, and he smiled knowing an old friend of his was watching, though not necessarily from above.

"Hey everyone! So...some of you might know me as the kid who saved Whale Island a while back, but a lot more of you probably know me as one of the trainers who helped Cloud Garden in the winter. And I've stayed around for so long because I knew this was a place worth staying in. So many places to go, and it's always changing so you never know if there are places you missed seeing or might not get the chance to see again. I've gone through Phantom Isle and gotten out alive, I've saved a forest from a Zangoose, I've gained a lot, and I've...lost a lot. But through it all I've had these Pokemon by my side in one way or another!"

Hyrem then took out three special looking Pokeballs: a Love Ball, a Dragon Ball, and a Luxury Ball, each one releasing a strong Pokemon from inside. First was a Gardevoir who floated somewhat off the ground before touching down lightly before giving a curtsy to the crowd. Second, as soon as the Druddigon appeared, he raised his arms in the air, breathed in, and let out a mighty roar before smiling at the various reactions he got from his audience. Finally, the Seviper materialized right next to her trainer--well, more like on top of her trainer--using his shoulder as something to slither on until her head found the podium and rested there, her tongue lazily flicking out as she gazed upon the people, picking out her mate's trainer from the people on 'Dashback. "Heh, and as you can see sometimes they're literally by my side!" he chuckled as he lifted Seviper's coil. "Anyway, I've known these three the longest, and we've been together for so long that they've had kids!"

Three more Pokeballs were brought out, one of them a Friend Ball and another a Chocolate Pokeball, and as they were opened up each of their occupants joined their parents, the Ralts with his mother and the smaller Druddigon and Seviper with their parents. "They're the reason I keep going and the reason why I decided to become a Pokemon Breeder; there's nothing more special than being able to share the moments of my Pokemon becoming parents and then working together with those parents as we raise their children to become the best they can be! It's not just about training my Pokemon anymore, it's about the next generation as well. And I hope to carry that mindset wherever I go! Okay, now to pick a number...let's go #14 since that's about the number of Pokemon I would have right about now if we were still under the system when I joined! And yes, I do have way more Pokemon than that!"
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