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Next CoroCoro...


Jun 11, 2004
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Apparently, using Babelfish on the CoroCoro website, it says this under something about Pokemon D/P in the next issue

Package, characters, as for opening capture such as [pokemonbatoru] and new [waza] with this [kimari]!!

It looks like we may see the Box Art, which means possibly new Pokemon, opening capture may mean starters (or perhaps like Zigzagoon), and characters mean we might see Gym Leaders, or the Evil Team!

This translation could be off, so here's the original block of text

This is being discussed on Serebii as well. If we are getting boxart, then we are most likely getting new pokes as a result. The boxart of Ru/Sa revealed Groudon and Kyogre to us, so it is highly likely. Pokemon other than that, though, I am not certain. It would make sense, though. The other trainers of Shinou should be showing up, too. That seems to be a lot of information to be releasing at once, though, but as the pattern has suggested, this info stream is supposed to be happening faster. That is if this is true. I don't have any reason to doubt them unless Coro Coro just happens to change its mind.
So, when is this going to be available to us?
Well, going by previous CoroCoro, we usually have scans up on Filb and Serebii by the 13th.
We might also see this stuff in Pokémon Wonderland Vol.8 which will be released on the same day as Coro Coro (and on the same day as the ninth movie starts in Japanese theatres o.o).
My translation:

"Exciting Diamond and Pearl information! All new attacks, as well as the package, characters, pokemon battles, and the starter pokemon have all been decided!!"

The term I translated as starter pokemon, 序盤攻略, is literally translated as "opening captures."
Cool! Lots of info to look foward too in 2 weeks!
I resurrected this topic to discuss the next Coro Coro coming on August 11. Using the Excite translator, as recommended by Latios, I got the following:

Pokemon diamond Parl corocoro limitation DS jacket
The world of the diamond pearl can promptly be tasted. Case correspondence of issue this month. Pokemon diamond pearl The first stage Pokemon and new figure thing scoop.

So we get the third figure and possibly more about Shinou. Who knows what "first stage" pokemon means. I think it means the Electabuzz thing and Rozureido.
Maybe first stage is the starters?

I can't wait to taste the world! I guess that means we may see some locations and possibly a gym leader.

EDIT: We will probably get better pics of Eletabuzz thing, Rosureido, and Korobooshi.
Yeah I'd say that one about first stage would probably mean starters.
Here I go again. This one may be interesting, and it may not, but I now give you the preview for the final info burst before the release of D/P.

Pokemon diamond pearl absolute perfection adventure guide
Running in is full of information immediately before the sale of the software
such as the first stage story, new Pokemons, and the communication fighting.

The third new cartoon bounce etc. of expectation that arises every
Pocket monster diamond pearl story Pokemon D・P starting a serial.
Large adventure play that seeks Pokemon that is called god. It is Shige Ihara
and a teacher that draws.

Cover Pokemon D・P expansion title
Length?Pokemons are large sets in ..saying.. cover. Expect it.

A guide for the beginning of D/P and stuff on the anime. o.o
I have no real clue of what that really means, but if it is claiming that Dairuga and Perukia are treated as gods then I think that's no surprise to anyone, lol! Controlling space and time is crazy, and too powerful! Also I think its somewhat expected because Groundon, Kyorge, Rayquaza, Ho-oh, and Lugia are treated like gods. Actually, I'd go out on a limb and say even Mew, Jirachi, Celebi, and Manaphy are treated like gods also.. (at least in the tv show)

I'm excited though! Hopefully we'll find out about the Starter Evolutions, the lion/cat thing, and Korobooshi (making Habunake very happy)

Actually, seeing more new pokemon is very exciting also! Go for it Stayble, Farfeth'd, Aipom evo! Go for it new monsters!

Also it'll be great to get new Anime info.. but I'd hope we'd know something by then... :-| (assuming early-mid september...)
Yeah, we may get the first DP title before then. And maybe others.
IIRC, the issue before RS came out we got like capture info, titles, and pictures for AG.
Yes, exactly the same deal. So maybe you'll get your Korobooshi after all. What route was it that the demo took place on? 203 or something like that? Mind you, I could be wrong because they can plug anything they want into a demo. :x
I think the demo added in Pokemon in weird places, as I believe I heard Lucario was in the wild as well.......
Sceptile726 said:
It is Shige Ihara
and a teacher that draws.

A teacher that draws? Is that Tracey's art teacher? XD
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