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Nintendo Directs Thread

Wait there was a direct?
It was just a Partner Showcase. It really nothing big show, though Penny's Big Breakaway came out the same day of the direct as it was announced (it's apparently really good and done by the Sonic Mania team).

It's probably going to be a year of small announcements here and there since the next console is in the works as rumors and leaks go through the craziness. I suspect it will be backward compatible with Switch but the lack of announcements is probably so it doesn't get overshadowed.

I expect something soon for big Nintendo announcements and probably a tease for the Switch successor soon at least. Maybe around the time E3 used to be but at least Autumn when the Switch was revealed originally.
I saw Monster Hunter Stories remaster for the Switch, audibly screamed, and didn't care about anything else for the day.
That was unironically my most hype announcement in the Direct. MHS2 is ... fine, definitely better mechanically, but MHS1 had that charm of striking new ground for the series.
I was just hoping for Hi-Fi Rush but hey at least now I have yet another reason to buy a PS5 soon lol......

Unicorn Overlord is looking pretty good; seeing as I loved 13 Sentinels another Vanillaware game should be right up my alley. God the amount of games I want/need to play just keeps increasing please help
I was just hoping for Hi-Fi Rush but hey at least now I have yet another reason to buy a PS5 soon lol......
I'll be honest, I'm annoyed by that. Sea of Thieves was announced for PS5 as well. Honestly. I wasn't happy about that. I remember the rumors were that these were coming to the Switch and PS5, but it turned out the PS5 got the two games I was most excited to play. People on reddit keep going the Switch would never be able to handle those two, but personally. I think they underestimate the Switch. They're not games with graphics the Switch would never be able to handle and I think they could still manage to get it running at a stable framerate. People say they're being saved for the successor, which I hope. I was really looking forward to getting the chance to play them.
I don't have high hopes for partner showcases and yet I was still disappointed.
The whole mother 3 only being on switch online in Japan thing is a well worn topic. Doesn't make it less tiring and obnoxious that they keep doing this.

The only other announcement that got my attention was the online multiplayer dlc for suika game. It rubs me the wrong way that they're making paid dlc for a 3 dollar game (especially when the dlc is $2.54).

I guess I'll keep playing side order then and waiting for the thousand year door remake then...
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