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NIWA ape for Donkey Kong Wiki: Thirteenth wiki joins multi-franchise group

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Nov 13, 2005
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NIWA ape for Donkey Kong Wiki: Thirteenth wiki joins multi-franchise group

Donkey Kong Wiki has joined NIWA. The wiki was founded on May 25, 2008 by Wiki443556 on Wikia. The wiki currently has 686 articles, with 21 users.

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DK Wiki! NIWA is getting much growth from Wikia's downfall.
I know that another thread was probably created due to the }, but how are there 3?
Ooh, awesome! I've played the DKC and DKL games ever since I was young.

Actually, though, I heard of this wiki very shortly before it joined NIWA and already knew that it was going to join. Still cool, though.

Also, random statement: I never really disliked Wikia until they made that new controversial skin. It's like they wanted to alienate people with it, because it's flawed with the huge sidebar, loads of ads, among other things.
Is this wiki a more in depth DKwiki since the mariowiki already covers loads of DK stuff
Cool a DK wiki! Oh and just to add, it happened to launch on my 8th B-day :O
But i mean, there is a DK 3DS game coming out?

Thank you though.

Ack, I thought you meant a 3DS game in general. No, there seems to be nothing but rumors at the moment. Sorry for the confusion. ^^'
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