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NIWA founding figure farewelled: WiKirby owner passes away

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Nov 13, 2005
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NIWA founding figure farewelled: WiKirby owner passes away

As reported on gaming website Zelda Informer earlier today, one of the key figures in the NIWA project has passed away. Axiomist, who held an administrator position on Zelda Wiki and founded WiKirby, will be greatly missed not only by the communities he associated with most frequently, but by the wider audience of NIWA as a whole.

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Sad times for the NIWA community; to see that one of the most respected men among all has passed away at such an early age, 30.

I haven't known him at all, but the death of a partner in wiki business is quite a sad deal; I offer my most sincere condolences to the family of a great man I haven't had the pleasure to see in action, but the activity and actions leave a root amongst the newer users, giving the needed inspiration to improve and enlarge these fan-based communities.

Rest in peace, Josh. May your life and works still live within us.
Oh my. To the fanbase, this is arguably worse than Takeshi Shudo's death. R.I.P. Joshua. :( at only thirty, too.
30 Years Old? That's just tragic. My thoughts are with those he left behind.

Really? This is sad, Wikirby is beautiful and he worked maintaining the same beauty that our editors maintain on Bulbapedia
It is very tragic when we lose a member of the community. My condolences to his loved ones, and to the WiKirby, and NIWA communities.
This is on of the saddest things i've read. if I play a Wii Game today... It'll be Kirby's epic Yarn.

i loved going there for kirbeh stuff

I hope his friends, family, and everyone at the kirby wiki feel better.
That's extremely unfortunate, but what exactly will happen to Wiikirby?

Is the cause known at all?
O my god, that's so sad...

and only thirty years old too...

R.I.P, Josh. You will be greatly missed.

At 30? Such an early age... this is probably just as tragic as Maddie's or Takeshi's death, if not worse.

Thanks for all the work you have done maintaining WiKirby. I pray for you and your loved ones.
I never used WiKirby, but I'm sure he was a great person in the NIWA community. R.I.P.
I may not have known him, but I feel the loss all the same.

Thanks for reading.
I can't believe it. Such an early age, he had a lot more to live for and all of a sudden, his mission is over...

I have never met him, but NIWA in general is a very well-formed, friendly community with quality on it. Even Bulbapedia, being a member of it, saw his influence. We owe it all to him.

My condolences to his family for such a sad loss.

Rest in peace, Josh.
He did a great job at Wikirby and will be missed by me very much.

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