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Ongoing NMLewis' Gen III Journeys: The Discussion Thread

Straight into singing along lmao
" and you keep making the same mistake"
HHHAHAAJAJH call 1800 lmao
"Drop some rocks on you"
It's starting to cool down though! Only 31 down here for a few days now
"Your voice changed" - "Yeah, this is pre battle me"
"The wheels have fallen off, now we're just battling a wild Spearow" :D
Yeah think the grass type stun spore immunity was a later gen change.
"You little... Electrode!" :D
I didn't remember them having a full restore first battle?!?!?
Can't blame you for not saying Nya lol
Nice level up Natasha!
I think she got killed by thrash cos lickatung harshly lowered defence
"Well obviously, I never change!" "Gross!"
Wtf is the chansey dance
Miltank and Tauros :)
Gondwana - "Even in confusion he makes the same noises" :D
"Stupid inaccurate move"
"Please don't rest, oh my god you rested"
Think I know which pokemon is number 1 least fave
Chansey Dance :)
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There are a few more trainers you can find in Trainer Tower who have shiny Pokémon. Somehow seems strange to have them there.
Those Npc levels are sure getting high
This will be a relevant statement in the next few episodes...
The NPC dialogue in the Trainer Tower is weird, sounds like the same custom phrases and dialogue you can use for your trainer card etc.
Juggler Jarrett "Let's have an Explosion Party" Sends out Weezing :(
Think I remember there being a trainer there with Shiny Espeon
"Oh, Yuckorama" - Snorlax :LOL:
Looking forward to the League, Zapdos and Mewtwo :)
Dewgong spamming Double Team :(
Singing - "Signal Beam Sadness" :D
Stanislaus gets the win :)
Was worried she was going to use Full Restore again when Dewgong was down to low HP and paralysed.
Nice countering Lovely Kiss with Magic Coat :)
"Machamp, stupid Machamp!" :D
"Oh really, that's our thing" - Machamp uses Earthquake on Gondwana :D
Nice Agatha voice :)
Double Team :(
"Don't think I needed to translate that one" :LOL:
Jaquiline - "I expect better from my romantic interest" :LOL:
Gondwana talked :)
Nice rival name :D
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poor Natasha
also poor stanislaus
i have no idea how you survived that, but i will NEVER feel bad about losing to you in a poke battle
Gen 1 Champion theme's one of my favourite too :)
Singing - "Running out of revives to comfortably do this" :D
Jaquiline - "Can you stop, can you please be done in by your paralysis or your love for me" :LOL:
Unlucky, wasn't expecting him to heal Alakazam, thought he's used all his Full Restores on Venusaur too.
Singing - "Magic Coat"
"Yay Diamond" :D
"You know what that means, I'm the most powerful ever, something to that effect" :D
Congrats winning the league, looking forward to the legendaries in the next episode :)
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