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Ongoing NMLewis' Gen III Journeys: The Discussion Thread

'Post-LP' episodes
  • NMLewis

    Well-Known Member
    Oct 27, 2015
    Reaction score
    Revisiting the Battle Tower.

    Okay so this wasn't all that different to the earlier Battle Tower episode. But I had a slightly better strategy. After recording this, made it to 45 consecutive wins. Sadly a Latias and Milotic put an end to this trio's run. Damn, 5 more wins and we would've got a commemorative thing for the Secret Base! Of course I'll probably keep trying.

    The LeafGreen episodes I'm making will seem P. pointless - the reason for them is mainly that it's the only Gen 3 game with the VS. Seeker, one of my fave things. I just hate that you can't use it in caves. Doesn't even make sense. :|

    Doing some episodes in Emerald will make a bit more sense, since it's in Hoenn.

    I could probably call these additional bits "Gen 3 Journeys" I guess??
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