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Noboru the ninja

The rising star of pokemon vgc
Jan 23, 2019
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Appearance:Noboru has dark skin and black eyes. Her black, curly hair is kept short and sometimes she wears a blue headband. She is very tall for her age and her body is lean but toned. She often wears a blue vest with shorts or an asian-style robe paired with black gi pants and nabi shoes.
Backstory:Noboru grew up in a ninja village. She trained at the best ninja dojo and devoted almost all her time to training. However, she had one friend she truly cared about-his name was Chang. Sadly she has to leave him. The masters at the dojo thought her talent would be wasted if she stayed there so they sent her to train on a mountain with a former ninja warlord. Noboru trained all day every day. One day, the warlord gave her a Froakie. Noboru decided she was going to go out on a journey and become a pokemon trainer.

Pokémon 1:
Moves:growl, pound, bubble and water pledge