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North East South West V3: The Strike of the Blade

I CLAIM COP (My mental filter was NK'd N0)
Jan 3, 2020
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Kinda rushed because I may for may not have procrastinated a ton.

Anyway, the theme is the Swords of Justice!

Headed North...

Headed East...

Headed South...

Headed West...

(You may have noticed that there are no images. I, unfortunately, use this site on mobile and can never work images on my phone. I'll try to fix this when on my computer, whenever that is. This site is innavigable on a computer.)

1. There are four teams; North, East, South and West.
2. You may only support one team and cannot change your team once chosen.
3. The Ping-pong rule applies so you can only post again after two different people have posted after your last post.
3. Game will start at 0 and ends at 75.
4. If the score is 0 and for example a player supports North then they should increase the score in the northward direction by changing it to N1 and keep increasing the score if it remains in the northward direction. If the score is not currently in the direction you support then you must decrease the score by 1 in order to try to return to 0 so you can head in your preferred direction instead.
5. Mention @DawningWinds when first joining the game and choosing your team

North - Keldeo
@dawn dusk

East - Terrakion

South - Virizion


West - Cobalion

I will be supporting South (Virizion) this game.

Now, go!
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