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North East South West V9 - Pokémon Regions Edition Part 3

Would you like some toast?
Jul 12, 2011
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Hello and welcome to the ninth version of North East South West :)

Thanks to @dawn dusk for the original idea for this game and the opportunity to host the third part of the regions theme.

1. There are four teams; North, East, South and West.
2. You may only support one team and cannot change your team once chosen.
3. The Ping-pong rule applies so you can only post again after two different people have posted after your last post.
3. Game will start at 0 and ends at 75.
4. If the score is 0 and for example a player supports North then they should increase the score in the northward direction by changing it to N1 and keep increasing the score if it remains in the northward direction. If the score is not currently in the direction you support then you must decrease the score by 1 in order to try to return to 0 so you can head in your proffered direction instead.
5. Mention the host when first joining the game and choosing your team

The theme for this version of the game will be based on pokemon regions that were not covered in the previous two versions:

North - Delcolore Islands
The north team will be representing the Delcolore Islands region.

East - Sevii Islands
The east team will be representing the Sevii Islands region.

South - Orange Islands
The south team will be representing the Orange Islands region.

West - Orre
The west team will be representing the Orre region.

North (Delcolore Islands)

East (Sevii Islands)


South (Orange Islands)
@Rainbow Cloud
@dawn dusk

West (Orre)
@Chidamari Sketch

Was pretty torn between choosing Orre or Orange Islands but I'm going to go play for South/Orange Islands in this game.

Let's begin :D

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I'm Grim I'm Gross
May 6, 2019
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Thanks to @dawn dusk for the opportunity to host the third part of the regions theme.
Those are Big words and I don't deserve it. And in fact I have to thank you for hosting this. I'm not the boss to give you a opportunity, actually I requested you to host this and you accepted that. So Thank you RC. Tbh, In my book, you are the most kind-hearted user here.

Thank you RC for helping me always.:)
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