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Note on Harassment on Bulbagarden

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May 21, 2010
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Like many corners of the internet, Bulbagarden is a great place to meet people and make friends. However, it is inevitable that sometimes relationships don't turn out to be positive. The staff wanted to take this time to remind everyone that Bulbagarden has a zero tolerance policy of any form of harassment or abuse toward our users. This includes any non-consensual romantic or sexual advances, attempts to manipulate, or threats.

If you are messaged by anyone associated with Bulbagarden in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, whether it's by a man, woman, staff member, or fellow user, please report it to us immediately. There is a report button on every post, profile message, and private message on the forums that will allow every moderator to see that message. If you do not feel comfortable with everyone seeing it or you were contacted by someone from Bulbagarden through another platform such as Discord, you can always personally message me or another moderator you trust.

If you have any questions at all please let us know. Stay safe out there, everyone.
Not open for further replies.