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GEN VI: nothing for now, thank you

like pepsi cola
Feb 17, 2013
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EDIT: got Volcanion and all eggs, don't have any wants right now!

Offering any one of these:

Jirachi 1(mild)

Jirachi 2(hardy)

Mew 1 (serious)

Mew 2 (bold)

Celebi 1(hasty)

Celebi 2(bashful)

Celebi 3(brave)

Manaphy 1(quirky)

Manapy 2 (mild)

Shaymin 1(hardy)

Darkrai 1(serious)

Arceus 1(naughty)

Victini 3(lax)

Please read!
  • All the Pokemon I offer are legit, collected myself through mystery gift wifi events or codes.
  • Most* Pokemon are from the 2016 mythical distribution so have 3 flawless IVs. If you are interested I can check the Pokemon's IVs with the judge. *a few are from Unova, so don't.
  • I'm in Europe so am on GMT time
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