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October Goals now available in Pokémon Café ReMix, featuring Meowscarada

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October's monthly goals are now available for players to play and complete in Pokémon Café ReMix. This month's featured Pokémon is Meowscarada, which Premium Pass owners can obtain starting from level 10.

Standard Course rewards include Stamina Shards, Golden Acorns, Tarts, Heaping Help Tickets and Milestone Cookies. The Premium pass meanwhile can be purchased for $8 at the shop, or by tapping the tab on the top right of the main menu, and offers players a total of 30,000 Golden Acorns, x9 Heaping Help Tickets, x5 Meowscarada and x23 Meowscarada Cookies, on top of the included Standard Course rewards.

Meowscarada is an Entreés Pokémon, with a maximum puzzle score of 409. Its Specialty Gimmicks are "Popcorn", "Parchment Paper" and "Ketchup". It takes 70 points to spawn its skill, which clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks to either side or above. Raising its Outfit Grade gives Puzzle Score +3% for each grade, with the 4th grade also rewarding Score + to "Ketchup".

Full lists of rewards for the Courses of this month can be found below.

October Goals' Standard Course
  1. Stamina Shards x10
  2. Golden Acorns x1,000
  3. Refreshing Tart M x1
  4. Golden Acorns x1,000
  5. Sweet Tart M x1
  6. Golden Acorns x1,000
  7. Crispy Tart M x1
  8. Golden Acorns x1,000
  9. Hearty Tart M x1
  10. Golden Acorns x3,000
  11. Stamina Shards x10
  12. Rare Tart L x1
  13. Golden Acorns x1,000
  14. Heaping Help Ticket x1
  15. Milestone Cookies x200
  16. Golden Acorns x1,000
  17. Rare Tart L x1
  18. Refreshing Tart XL x1
  19. Golden Acorns x1,000
  20. Stamina Shards x10
  21. Golden Acorns x3,000
  22. Heaping Help Ticket x1
  23. Golden Acorns x1,000
  24. Sweet Tart XL x1
  25. Heaping Help Ticket x1
  26. Golden Acorns x1,000
  27. Crispy Tart XL x1
  28. Hearty Tart XL x1
  29. Golden Acorns x1,000
  30. Golden Acorns x3,000
October Goals' Premium Course
  1. Stamina Shards x20
  2. Golden Acorns x3,000
  3. Rare Tart M x3
  4. Golden Acorns x3,000
  5. Milestone Cookies x200
  6. Golden Acorns x3,000
  7. Rare Tart M x3
  8. Golden Acorns x3,000
  9. Rare Tart M x6
  10. Meowscarada x1
  11. Stamina Shards x20
  12. Meowscarada Cookies x3
  13. Golden Acorns x3,000
  14. Heaping Help Tickets x3
  15. Meowscarada Cookies x10
  16. Golden Acorns x3,000
  17. Rare Tart L x6
  18. Meowscarada Cookies x10
  19. Golden Acorns x3,000
  20. Stamina Shards x20
  21. Meowscarada x1
  22. Heaping Help Tickets x3
  23. Golden Acorns x3,000
  24. Meowscarada x1
  25. Heaping Help Tickets x3
  26. Golden Acorns x3,000
  27. Meowscarada x1
  28. Rare Tart XL x12
  29. Golden Acorns x3,000
  30. Meowscarada x1


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