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SwSh Offering: 6IV Adamant Chewtle

Passionate (Let's) Go Hater
Mar 3, 2019
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Hi everyone! I'm breeding for a shiny Chewtle right now (sadly no success yet :/) and in the process, I came to some decent little breedies that I'm putting up for trade here.

As for the Chewtle I'm offering, they all have these traits in common:
  • Adamant nature
  • 6 perfect IVs (I also keep some with 5 perfect IVs, Sp. Atk not being perfect - so if that's something you'd want, ask if I have any on spare, since I usually surprise trade most of them)
  • no egg moves
  • English
As for the abilities...
  • 14 with Swift Swim (Hidden Ability)
  • 7 with Strong Jaw
  • 9 with Shell Armor
(Keep in mind that with an ability capsule you can also switch between Strong Jaw and Shell Armor)

So either way what I'm looking for are other Pokémon/breed rests with a decent nature and 5 (ideally 6) perfect IVs for future (shiny) breeding. I don't have any other 6IV HA babies to breed on ready besides Chewtle, so anything else would be a nice offer :)

If your offer doesn't have the HA, I'm sadly not really interested because it's not much of an effort for me to breed the 6 perfect IVs onto a Pokémon myself and of every breedable one, I got one out of its line in my boxes already. Sorry!
Oct 24, 2018
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LC - 5402

Here's what i have to offer:
-Timid Fast Ball HA Pichu w/Fake Out, Wish, Volt Tackle
-Adamant Heavy Ball Rhyhorn w/Curse
-Jolly Dream Ball Sneasel w/Fake Out, Ice Shard, Icicle Craah
-Adamant Heavy Ball Larvitar
-Jolly Moon Ball Zigzagoon w/Knock Off, Parting Shot, Counter
-Timid Love Ball Ralts
-Timid Love Ball Roselia w/Sleep Powder, Life Dew
-Jolly Moon Ball HA Riolu w/Bullet Punch, High Jump Kick
-Jolly HA Heavy Ball Drillbur (W.I.P.)
-Timid Beast Ball Deino
-Jolly Love Ball Bounsweet
-Adamant Premier Ball Wimpod
-Naive Beast Ball Jangmo-o
-Adamant Grookey w/Fake Out, Hammer Arm
-Jolly Scorbunny w/Sucker Punch, High Jump Kick
-Timid Sobble
-Impish HA Rookidee w/Tailwind, Defog, Rock Smash
-Adamant Lure Ball Clobbopus
-Quiet Dream Ball HA Hattena
-Adamant Beast Ball Impidimp
-Timid Beast Ball Dreepy