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Official BMGF Picture Thread Vol. 5

I got a new closet, now I finally have a place to store my Amiibo, beanies, plushies.... :D


Changed up some things, have a full top-down picture.
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I'm pretty new here but I might as well post in here anyway because why not! :p

This is a pic that I took back in June, just after I got a new haircut
This is a pic of me with my mom at a Metallica concert in August
And lastly is a more recent pic of me and one of my friends at a restaurant

I know I'm b00tiful :p
This is a picture I took with my diet coach as a new year memorial to celebrate my weight loss of 40 kilos over the span of a year. She felt like posting it in black-and-white because she thinks I look slimmer that way :)

Look at this handsome face.

Oh, and I’m in the picture too.
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