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Official BMGF Picture Thread Vol. 5

My girlfriend and I having some fun when she was visiting me!


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I've been on this site for, like, 8 years and I've been thinking recently how only maybe 5-6 people at most here (two of whom are related to me lol) even know what I really look like. Before I lose my nerve, guess I'll post this (ignore my fly-away hair and crappy angle because I am very unused to taking selfies aha...):
i'm self conscious about how i look, so imagine me as this:

hey, at least it's accurate
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Did you know that...

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So, I ordered one of those fancy licensed shirts from Original Stitch - though I'm sure they're an unreasonable purchase for many, I can give some reassurance that they are proper shirts and that the measurements are spot on.

Pinsir shirt.jpg
it's sort of odd for me to be posting in this thread when i haven't been active on the forums for a long while, but i was caught up in nostalgia the other day looking through the old picture threads & decided i was due for an update :'P

also @Cap'n Jack and @TheCapsFan should be inspired by me and do the same... haha jk... unless? :flushed:

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