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Official New Pokemon Thread

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Jun 11, 2004
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Can I like make one to discuss all the new ones in a convenient thread?

Anyway...Korobooshi's evo is definately WTF indeed...
But that shouldn't sway your fondness of Korobooshi, right?

What does his evolution look like by the way? I haven't come across it anywhere yet.

[Maybe while you're at it, you should start a list of the new pokemon here then]
It went from cute cricket to deadly samurai who will cut off your face. It's the Bug-type Gyarados.

Korotokku, Koro's evo...
Damn, Serebii Forums are down...like expected.

I noticed their is a Male and Female bug duo in the data.....Volbeat and Illumise evo?

That skunk looks alot like Nyaruuma, imo. And that second thing looks like a Porygon 3 (it's not though).

I thought we were getting over 150 new ones? And wheir's my Aipom evo!

Can we sticky this?
I think gender specific bugs are Minomocchi split evos. And also connected to the odd final two in the list.
They could just be extras-tagged on out of Pokedex order. Sort of like Chimecho.
But both the bugs at the end are female only, meaning probably not.

*hoping for Peacock*

And apparently their is a Murkrow evo, please be a VUlture!

And wtf is up with a BABY Chimecho? Hope it get's a new evo as well.
I like Korobooshi's evo, it actually makes sense...and what Zeta said. :drool:

My beloved Pochama's final form though? W. T. F. --Robot penguin?!? Honestly!

Naetle's final evo is pretty kickass, seeming to be based on an anklyosaur. Hmm...maybe I'll go with an all-dinosaur/prehistoric team this time around instead of all-bird like I usually do.

I'm disappointed at the all-around number of new Pokemon (we're up to just short of 500 in the National Dex, apparently). They'd better have a pretty damn good excuse for tacking pointless evos and pre-evos onto old Pokemon instead of creating interesting new Pokemon altogether... (don't get me wrong, some evos are good for and make sense for some oldies, but Elecable?)

And I hope the "11 Legendaries" speculation isn't true. I love legendaries, but what a waste, for a breeder such as myself!

Really liking those two Zeta just posted! Kureseria = Crescelia (judging by crescent shapes)...could this be a new Porygon evo or at least a new virtual Pokemon?
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I still can't believe Lucario isn't a Legendary and actually has a pre-evolution? Maybe he was poised to be one in the planning stages of the game.
The Pochamma final form looks kick-ass man!

Hikozaru's final form has the word for hell in it...0.0

Maybe their is like Pokemon that don't appear in the Pokedex till you import their old forms from the old games?
Aipom's evo has a new trait shared with Meowth, Scyther, Scizor, Smeargle and Hitmontop. Which gives me no clue as to what it could be based upon.
I wish it gained another type...

Hmm...maybe a thief...would fit well with Ash's (who I'm going for an evo)
11 Legendaries? Try *14*.
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