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Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

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Looking for a way to be whole again.
Apr 30, 2018
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Going to say Spain, I don't think Detective Pikachu is any indication about what the Gen 8 region will be.
Apr 1, 2015
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Giving that tons of people are expecting a reveal Wednesday would a separate thread just speculating potential names be warranted?

I have ideas for potential names but, I'm drawing a complete blank on ones Gamefreak would actually use.

Mars and Venus
Jade and Topez
What are your bets on the names of the next games? I organized a list with all the names we discussed a few pages ago:

Pokémon Rust and Pokémon Chrome
Pokémon Speed of Sound and Pokémon Speed of Light
Pokémon Chaos and Pokémon Cosmos
Pokémon Melody and Pokémon Harmony
Pokémon Gems and Pokémon Colors
Pokémon Techno and Pokémon Bio
Pokémon Touka and Pokémon Sakura
Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield
Pokémon Dusk and Pokémon Dawn
Pokémon Past and Pokémon Future
Pokémon Land and Pokémon Sky
Pokémon Sea and Pokémon Land
Pokémon Infrared and Pokémon Ultraviolet
Pokémon Plus and Pokémon Minus
Pokémon Summer and Pokémon Winter
Pokémon Autumn and Pokémon Spring
Pokémon Lightness and Pokémon Darkness
Pokémon Light and Pokémon Shadow
Pokémon Infinity and Pokémon Zero
Pokémon Infinity and Pokémon Eternity
Pokémon Heat and Pokémon Freeze
Pokémon Flame and Pokémon Frost
Pokémon Lava and Pokémon Snow
Pokémon Magma and Pokémon Aqua
Pokémon Blaze and Pokémon Aqua
Pokémon Heatwave and Pokémon Blizzard
Pokémon Rainbow and Pokémon Storm
Pokémon Blizzard and Pokémon Sandstorm
Pokémon Mars and Pokémon Venus
Pokémon Speed and Pokémon Velocity
Pokémon Sound and Pokémon Light
Pokémon You and Pokémon Me
Pokémon Quarts and Pokémon Topaz
Pokémon Iron and Pokémon Bronze
Pokémon Bronze and Pokémon Steel
Pokémon Jade/Opal/Amethyst/Onyx/Garnet/Tourmaline/Amber
Pokémon Cobalt and Pokémon Crimson
Pokémon Cobalt and Pokémon Copper
Pokémon Iron and Pokémon Copper
Pokémon Twilight and Pokémon Eclipse
Pokémon Ocarina and Pokémon Flute
Pokémon Age and Pokémon Seasons
Pokémon Thunder and Pokémon Lightining
Pokémon Thunder and Pokémon Bolt
Pokémon Obsidian and Pokémon Glass
Pokémon Sunshine and Pokémon Rain
Pokémon Shine and Pokémon Rain
Pokémon Breeze and Pokémon Mist
Pokémon Shine and Pokémon Shadow
Pokémon Blaze and Pokémon Volt
Pokémon Orange and Pokémon Violet
Pokémon Rose and Pokémon Violet
Pokémon Proton and Pokémon Electron
Pokémon Day and Pokémon Night
Pokémon Rainbow and Pokémon Monochrome
Pokémon Uranium and Pokémon Titanium
Pokémon Might and Pokémon Wisdom
Pokémon A and Pokémon Z
Pokémon Order and Pokémon Chaos
Pokémon Genesis and Pokémon Ultimate
Pokémon Chrono and Pokémon Geo
Pokémon Treble and Pokémon Bass
Pokémon Stardust and Pokémon Starlight
Pokémon Dreams and Pokémon Reality/Verity
Pokémon Peace and Pokémon Conflict
Pokémon Nature and Pokémon Artificial
Pokémon Zenith and Pokémon Nadir
Pokémon Unity and Pokémon Division
Pokémon Key and Pokémon Lock
Pokémon Sunny and Pokémon Cloudy/Misty
Pokémon Sunflower and Pokémon Orchid/Lily/Waterlily
Pokémon Rock and Pokémon Metal
Pokémon Sunshine and Pokémon Moonshine
Pokémon Sunlight and Pokémon Moonlight
Pokémon Glare and Pokémon Umbra
Pokémon Leaf and Pokémon Flower
Pokémon Wave and Pokémon Beam
Pokémon Twist and Pokémon Line
Pokémon Steam and Pokémon Snow
Pokémon 0 and Pokémon 1
Pokémon Dream and Pokémon Nightmare
Pokémon Ignite and Pokémon Accelerate
Pokémon Chance and Pokémon Fate
Pokémon Order and Pokémon Chaos
Pokémon + and Pokémon -
Pokémon ? And Pokémon !
Pokémon Cube and Pokémon Sphere
Pokémon Axe and Pokémon Hammer
Pokémon Stars
Pokémon Cyan
Pokémon Prism
Pokémon Beta/Gamma/Delta/Zeta/Theta/Sigma
Pokémon Aurora
Pokémon Aether
Pokémon World/Galaxy/Universe

Choose three.
My bets are:
Pokémon Flame and Frost
Rose and Violet
Cobalt and Crimson
Not open for further replies.