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Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

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formerly techitisJ
Feb 1, 2013
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I think the 3 Pokeballs is definitely a sign that we are likely getting the starters tomorrow. I mean, I think I'd be hyped for anything at this point, but if we got an XY style trailer with starters, gameplay, legionaries, and logos, I will be crying a lot. I mean I'll probably be crying if they just say the names.
New Member
Jan 14, 2019
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So excited but also really annoyed that I'm in work (it's at 2pm for me)! At least I have a 15 minute break at half 3, so I can squeeze it into that because I'm not going to be able to look at my phone without seeing a spoiler otherwise.
Well-Known Member
Jan 1, 2014
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I'm surprised this thread isn't blowing up more xD And I saw Joe post on era that this deconfirms the weedle because its the 27th, but it was still the 26th in japan when this annoucement was made so...

He's never going to hear the end of it xD

It probably is what we all think it is, but I like to keep my expectations dangerously low this time around.
Keep expectations low but for now be hype at the fact that we finally have something. Groudon has been forced back into the seas and kyogre reigns
Apr 5, 2018
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I am very, very cautiously curious~excited now (maybe +.00022 %)
for the a chance of there being two regions and six distinct starters:
This simply because of Nintendo as media creators in general having this now very famed penchant for setting something up to look one way and then having there be a huge twist!

Having every old region in the game feels unlikely, but one day either in this Gen or a future one, two or three is definitely within the possibilities of Switch and later next gen platforms!
Active Member
Mar 26, 2018
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They usually register the trademarks when the names are leaked.
Well, at least for Japan, they time it so the trademarks will post after the announcement of them. Sometimes it's unavoidable for them to post earlier, due to their being about 2 weeks processing time. If nothing shows up in around 10-15 minutes, then it's probably safe to say we won't get the names until the direct itself. I would actually prefer that.
Fire Pokémon Expert
May 21, 2018
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Now can leakers just wait two whole days without doing anything so that I can get surprised? Because I like that feeling of surprise and the hype that comes with it.
If they manage to find something, they’ll certainly will post it online, and I’m sure they’d be eager to leak stuff beforehand.
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