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Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

Not open for further replies.
Major staff warning
  • Sheep Queen of Bulbagarden
    Dec 29, 2002
    Reaction score
    You really don't add any new info into discussion, do you?

    You keep repeating the same points over and over again, despite people have already proven that your logic is wrong for many many times.

    Religion offends people? Arceus, Tornadus and Landorus would like a word with you.
    You know what offends me, as basically the top staff member of Bulbagarden? This kind of post, and the people who are out of their mind enough to like it, despite the previous public notice about liking bullying post.

    Even if your accusations were true (and moderators have repeatedly reviewed the user in question's post, and concluded the accusations aren't true, that they're by and large whining by people who get upset that the user keeps disagreeing with them), that kind of post wouldn't be justified or ever justifiable. It's pure flaming, from one end to the other. It has no place in this thread. It has no place on this forum. It has no place being made by anyone with a shred of human decency.

    This is a warning to every last user posting in this thread, or who might some day post in it. Grow. the. fuck. up. The staff is heartily sick of people abusing the reporting system to report perfectly fine post by one user because the people doing the reporting can't handle someone disagreeing with them. We're even sicker of having to come in this thread every few week to deal with high school-grade bullies ganging up on a user for the crime of having unpopular opinions. Neither behavior is acceptable. And we're done playing around with this mess - since you guys didn't take any of the previous warnings seriously, we're going to get a little bit more serious, this time around. What's happening here is called harassment, and it has no place on Bulbagarden.

    Allow me to illustrate with specific examples (we don't usually do this, but in this case, a public demonstration is called for):

    Lavandula, for making the above post despite several warnings in this thread about bullying, and for being a key part of the abuse and harassment of this user, is getting an Abuse and Harassment warning, worth 10 points (which will result in an automatic ban. The exact duration will depend on their infraction history.).

    Spaghettles, Adnachiel, KikiWitch, SodiumChloride and PkmnTrainer V, for liking the above post after being previously warned about liking bullying posts in this thread (about two weeks ago), are each getting an Abuse and Harassment warning, worth 10 points (which will likewise result in an automatic ban. The exact duration will depend on their infraction history)

    Pokespecture, DanBulls, TheMonster6893, Hana Midorikawa, SushiPushi, Titofox, Tuoko, BluefireJay, Thanos, Jack1234, Ambrose7, Cotton, Plubio, Defiant and Dotamin, for liking the above post despite the public notice about liking bullying post, are getting a Flaming warning, worth 5 points (which may or may not result in a ban, depending on infraction history).

    From here on out, anyone we catch continuing this bullying campaign (whether by making posts against the user in question) is getting a full abuse and harassment infraction. If they're repeat offenders, that will be aggravated abuse and harassment, and likely outright permanent bans. We're done giving you chances. Now you will straighten up, or you will get out.
    In-thread 4/9/18
  • shame personified
    Jun 11, 2010
    Reaction score
    Right, we're back in business here.

    Here is what we, the Bulbagarden staff, have noticed. Users have been making a lot of posts in the speculation threads that many other users find dismissive and/or find repetitive. While we understand the frustration over posts like these, the overwhelming response has been to make these users feel unwelcome and like they are worthless and their posts don't matter. This is not okay.

    The responsibility for making Bulbagarden a welcoming and opening community falls on each and every one of us, not just the staff. If you disagree with someone's opinion, then explain why you disagree and express your opinion, or move on. If you still don't believe you can treat a user with respect, then put them on your Ignore list; that’s why that handy little feature exists.

    Moving forward, there have been two new VG mods added to the roster to help us manage things more thoroughly. We appreciate the feedback we've gotten, and we're sorry for those who have been uninvolved or felt uncomfortable over this. Us mods, too, are only human. Please continue Reporting posts if you feel that they are rule breaking and/or offering feedback to the staff, keeping the previous PSAs in mind.

    Now, as a general rule, we do not normally make warnings public or known to others. The staff do read and talk through every report made, even if the action we take is not obvious to others. However, to clarify: considering the fact that we'd already made several posts on this topic and the memo didn't seem to be sinking in, we decided to make an exception. We're keeping on board the feedback from that response, too.

    I will end with a call for a little self reflection on everyone’s part. I get that news about the new Pokémon games has been sparse to nonexistent. Tensions are high, and everyone has their own opinions, guided by personal biases, on what they want to see in the new games. Still, please try to be mindful both of how your posts may be interpreted and how others may not intend for their posts to be taken the way that you’ve taken it. Not everybody communicates the same way with the world around them. And on Internet forums, you cannot hear tone or see body language, which eliminates all context for the post other than the words themselves.
    In-thread 4/13/18
  • dig

    wonder how much I can type in here before I get cu
    Jul 4, 2012
    Reaction score
    Good Riley; if I may be so intrepid as to tender an alternative modus operandi of expressing your most valued opinion on the current subject: This is "probably" fake, or "more than likely" fake, or perhaps simply "I think" this is fake, or I "believe" this is fake. You see? Doesn't that anthology of possible replies ring of a bit more consideration for other feasible opinions other than your own? If I may also serve you a compliment , may I express that of any pokemon type, you remind me most, perhaps, of the noble rock type; your thoughts are strapping and sturdy, and your words seem to demonstrate a strong foundation and much credence in your beliefs- truly admirable to be sure! However, we must always remember that a bit of tact can go a great distance in this our walk of life. :)
    I know we might all think it's a good laugh that you're talking in a needlessly complex pointlessly pretentious manner, but let's be real here, you're only writing that way because you don't respect other people's opinions. You use needlessly complex jargon to mask the fact that these types of posts are arrogant and antagonising, and really only exist to to diminish the importance or relevance of other people's posts.

    So let's drop the facade and speak in normal, approachable English. You might just find that people will be a bit more likely to read your posts.
    Admin Note
  • Amphibious Friend
    May 21, 2010
    Reaction score
    Quick clarification on the 4Chan thing from before, if y'all want to post screenshots from 4Chan that's ok, assuming they align with our rules and standards. But we would prefer you not post links to 4Chan threads so we're not sending users to places that are completely clash with our policies.
    In-Thread 4/17/18
  • Princess of Dorkness
    Sep 3, 2013
    Reaction score
    Before it continues, let's cool it on the discussion about whether the various youtubers and twitter leakers are toxic trolls or attention-seekers. It's not going to get us anywhere but angry at each other, and it's only vaguely related to Gen 8 speculation at this point.
    In-thread (April 21)
  • Princess of Love
    Aug 20, 2016
    Reaction score
    Hey everyone, with the most recent drama in the thread. We've noticed some posts about trying to keep away from controversial discussions. While this is a good thing of wanting to move away from the topic, the act of trying to move them away from these kind of heated arguments is something that the Staff will be taking care of ;). If you however notice that the current conversation is steering towards becoming a heated argument then please to use the report function to bring it to our attention
    Also there was an addition to one of the section of the rules earlier today here that has relation to the above announcement. So if you all haven't seen yet then you may want to look over the new rule addition. ;)
    Genwunner In thread
  • Joined
    May 30, 2012
    Reaction score
    Also, are we allowed to say genwunner on Bulbagarden if we're not calling any specific person that, or is this discussion technically against the rules?
    Genwunner is considered a derogatory term, and should not be used. It is a term that is against the rules.

    Now then. If we're doing a kanto return, why is it gengar in my pokemon gummies and not eevee. I know gengar is a kanto pokemon, but its not in your face like the starters or eevee.
    In thread opening 5.15
  • shame personified
    Jun 11, 2010
    Reaction score
    The staff further discussed the 24 hour lock and collectively agreed on reopening early, as this is a pretty big rumor and we don't want to shut down discussion on you guys that long.

    That said, we don't want to shut discussion down at all. There's no reason for us to automatically resort to attacking each other's throats when even the slightest hint of leaks/news comes out, but that's what seems to keep happening.

    Carry on, have fun, and please post wisely. Please post kindly. That's not too much to ask for.
    In-thread 1/2/19
  • AWACS Sky-Eye
    Jul 10, 2015
    Reaction score
    What even is this thread?

    Every time I log in there’s like...5 new pages, which makes me think something meaningful is being discussed.

    The thread should be renamed ‘Official Generation 8 Semantics & Pedantry Discussion Thread’

    I totally understand that there’s very little actual news to feed on at the moment, I get it, we’re all hungry. But having scanned the last few pages (regrettably. there’s some time I’ll never get back) it looks like a few people have tried to interject with some cool ideas and Wishlist sort of stuff, only to be drowned out by... well... bickering.
    They should change the thread's name from "Speculation and leaks" from "trying to have fun about SPECULATING but some people seems to don't understand what speculate and having fun is" I think that it's more accurate.
    The reason why we have a Bad Sportsmanship rule on the forums is to ideally address exactly what you both are concerned about. We had a PSA posted about this last March because of the lack of respect for people's ideas which is unfortunately common in this thread. But that's the nature of speculation; there's going to be a lack of concrete evidence for a lot of what's posted here, and there's nothing wrong with that. And people are going to say why they don't agree with what was shared, and there's nothing wrong with that either. Ultimately, the goal is to spur discussion, and so the key is making your arguments respectfully.

    However, when people are unnecessarily shutting down other users for their ideas, that's when it becomes hostile and uninviting. If you see behavior that you feel harasses or puts down another user for their ideas, please don't hesitate to report it so we can take a look at it.
    Not open for further replies.