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Oha Suta reveals new Pokémon: Back of new Pokémon revealed

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(Even though it's a back view,) The pink fish looks nice, I think...
One of them looks a tiny bit like Lovecus.
They better not toy with us with giving Luvdisc an evolution but still have crappy stats...
It's Luvdisc's evolution: HATEDISC! D:
Thank Arceus that thing finally has one. Now we have one less Mon for everyone to point at and scream, "Worthless!"

Now that that's out of the way, let's pull a Budew and give it a pre-evo! ;D I think it'd be cute.
That's definitely a Luvdisc evolution, take away the fins and you see a regular Luvdisc there.
If the pink Pokemon turns out to be a Luvdisc evolution, then I'd be happy (Luvdisc finally has a use other than Heart Scales).
It's Luvdisc's evolution: HATEDISC! D:
Bwuahahaha!!! We need that pic! The timing is just perfect.

Nevermind, found it!

Luvdisc evo...?

So Satan, how's Hell doing? I heard it's gotten quite cold down there.
It really does look like a Luvdisc evo, doesn't it? I dunno... the fact that we've had no word on new evos so far with this gen makes me cautious about such things, but it just has so many similarities with Luvdisc...

Oh, and for anyone who cares... the name Mamanbou (ママンボウ) seems to be derived from manbou (翻車魚), the Japanese word for an ocean sunfish.
I was wondering exactly which single form Pokemon would be getting Prevo's and Evo's this Generation. Hopefully this isn't the only one.

Though, really, what else really NEEDS one?
It looks very likely to be a Luvdisc evo. A pink heart-shaped Water-type Pokemon... if it's not related to Luvdisc, I'm gonna laugh in a crazy fashion.
Oha Suta reveals new Pokémon: Back of new Pokémon revealed

The Japanese program Oha Suta has revealed another new Pokémon for the Generation V games. The new Pokémon is shown in a triple battle..

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