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Old Characters in Pocket Monster 2019

Which ones?

  • Misty

  • Brock

  • Tracey

  • Gary

  • May & Max

  • Dawn

  • Paul

  • Iris

  • Cilan

  • Trip

  • Clemont & Bonnie

  • Serena

  • Sawyer

  • Mallow

  • Lana

  • Lillie

  • Sophocles

  • Kiawe

  • Hau

  • Someone else

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Likewise a recent interview says the Blue Sky episode is in the same continuity as Movie 20 but there's contradictions that are confusing. I wonder if they simply forgot or ignored for the story at hand. Either way I think a lot of what's presented in that universe(s) is applicable to the main show.
Where did you get that idea?
Because the sequence of events up to Ash seeing Ho-oh is close enough that it's essentially a retelling, up to the point a Rainbow Feather drops for Ash. I've experienced my fair share of media with alternate timeline storylines, that's a divergence point to me. Besides, what is there to lose by entertaining the idea it can contribute to what little lore there is of Ash's father? The main timeline stopped doing that before the episode count reached double digits.
The main timeline stopped doing that before the episode count reached double digits.
That just shows that bringing up his father is something they are not willing to do in canon, as they instead used AU for these kind of stories.
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