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On the next episode of BulbaForums...

Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
Inspired by a silly profile post exchange, with some minor tweaks. Thanks @takoyaki (and sorry for dragging you into it too LazySpy) cx

We're a hit TV show now. What's the user above you doing next episode?

(UserA posts first.)

PlayerTwo: UserA departs on an adventure to find their true calling!

PosterThree: PlayerTwo becomes possessed by an ancient evil spirit!

FourthGuy: PosterThree will activate their ultimate power and assume their final form, UltraPosterThree, in order to fight the evil PlayerTwo!!!

Feel free to pitch the most ridiculous scenarios you can think of — whatever gets people to tune in!

On the next episode of BulbaForums... the mysterious invisible user at the beginning of every game thread will finally show their face!
In the next episode of Bulbagarden, MissDelibirda is arrested by Maniacall Engineer for taking a bunch of birds hostage.
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On the next episode of Bulbagarden... BigDoc recovers from breaking his fist trying to punch a speeding 40,000 pound bus.
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