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One Year Anniversary Wishlist

the bells of joy are ringing
Jun 26, 2019
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One-Year Anniversary is around the corner! What is your wishlist for features/ Pokémon pairs/ miscellaneous additions that you want to see be added to Pokémon Masters EX?

Personally, I would love to see them expand on the Sinnoh trainers, finishing up all the Gym Leader roster and E4 roster. I suppose reworking the stamina system would be nice too since I have my gripes about that. I feel as though increasing the regeneration rate would be beneficial to all players.

What about you?
Super Moderator
Jun 17, 2006
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I want them to make it easier to get free gems. There have been improvements in that area, but it's still so tedious to collect gems. Either that or finally reduce the cost of the Sync Pair Scout. If it cost one thousand to get ten Sync Pairs instead of three thousand, it would feel a lot more fair and balanced.

I like the Stamina system for the most part, but having it naturally recover over time would be helpful. It's can take up a lot of stamina just to level up at this point, so making it easier for it to be restored might help.

As for Sync Pairs, I'd love to see N with either Reshiram or Zoroark. If he's paired with a Legendary Pokemon, he'd be free to get, but Zoroark fits with N so much too and there aren't a lot of Dark type Pokemon in the game right now. I'd also like to see them incorporate more starter Pokemon. I'd be thrilled to see some Galar characters, particularly Hop and Leon. Bede and Marnie would be neat too.
Kanan Jarrus is a Noble Jedi
Jul 27, 2017
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Leon in both of his outfits and Syna Suits. Also more trainers from Galar.
The Key to Prowess
Oct 15, 2008
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1. Sync pairs from Colosseum and XD. Enough said.

2. In all seriousness though, having use of the older items aside from simply being trade items. Out of rebellion, I'm keeping the older items and not trading them in. I spent too much time collecting those items just to exchange them for money.

3. Ease of getting gems/reducing cost for sync pairs:
I want them to make it easier to get free gems. There have been improvements in that area, but it's still so tedious to collect gems. Either that or finally reduce the cost of the Sync Pair Scout. If it cost one thousand to get ten Sync Pairs instead of three thousand, it would feel a lot more fair and balanced.
I'm not sure about 1000 (though I would love that of course), but definitely reducing the cost would be nice. I think it would be nice to allow for a free roll or an incentive to roll multiple sync pairs like what is done in FEH.

4. I would love to see more battle facilities. Legit though, how fun would it be to incorporate Inverse Battles? Our Normal-type sync pairs will finally see a bit more usage. (It might be annoying having the weaknesses reworked for the players, but maybe it could be one-way Inverse, in that the enemies' weaknesses are contrary to what you expect, but your weaknesses are the same? Idk.) Alternatively, Battle Factory style would be perfect. Why not have the opportunity to play around with different sync pairs with unique sync grids? (From a developer standpoint, it would encourage players to hunt for different sync pairs, cookies for lucky skills, etc.) Battle Arcade, Battle Pike, and Battle Castle are also potential options.

5. Egg or Hatched Pokémon Trading might be pretty dope actually. I don't see why we shouldn't be able to do that. It would allow for more interaction with other players that were added as friends (which has been sorely limited to co-op battles). Personally, I would want it to be limited to the hatched Eggs that are in the nursery.
5a. Speaking of, more incentive for adding friends in the game!!
5b. More co-op capabilities. None of the current events have co-op enabled. Sadness.

6. So... all this talk about type skills, but what about synergy with other sync pairs? For example, "rivals" (Hau, Barry, Wally), E4, Gym Leaders, protagonists, villains synergy. Or with the new event coming up, the Family Ties synergy (Gladion, Lillie, Lusamine).
6a. Possibly an unpopular opinion, but disable these team skills in Battle Villa. Old-school way of battling, mannnn (aside from the opponents' sync move nerf).

7. Updated sync grids. Let's have upgraded grids that are not either 5* or f2p-exclusive. My poor Bugsy and Noland could use a nice boost.
7a. Tied into that - maybe I'm being ambitious, but the opportunity for new moves? Poor Brock and his Onix's Rock Throw and Rock Tomb... ._. I'm not sure how well it would mesh with sync grids though, admittedly. Unless a panel was unlocked that changed the move, which would also be nice. (Or an additional grid for moves only, or a progress bar towards a move upgrade? Something ridiculous like that.)

8. More rollable 3* and 4* sync pairs! Lucy is a great start. Also seasonal 4* sync pairs (don't hurt me)

9. Incentives for getting max levels for sync pairs (e.g. special dialogue (additional sync pair story), collectable items)

10. Always a dream, but even better balance for sync pairs. Power creep is real, bro. Developers mentioned that players could enjoy using their favorite sync pairs, but I'm finding that difficult to accept right now as I fail to see that balance...

11. Genuinely curious how this will play out, but an expanding story - what will happen after PML? Will it be battling against the Big Bad and then the True Big Bad and then the LOL Actually This is the True Big Bad? Idk, though I don't expect a super high-caliber story, I want it to at least be somewhat captivating. (Also, it would be nice to have actual names for the towns/routes/villages but that's just me.) The other potential route this can go could be akin to the Sevii Islands - more islands to explore! Some islands are undergoing construction. Seems like that could work. :)

12. Set up something akin to the Secret Base matches in RSEORAS - generate a code for your own team, battle against randoms or friends using their specific code, battle for prizes (maybe for the purposes of decorating or customizing your Trainer? idk. a Trainer can dream.) though we might not foresee real-time play (I bet you it's likely due to lag), it would be cool to see some competitive component in that regard. See again points 4 and 5a.

13. A music box for all the tunes in the game. Maybe make some unlockable (e.g. those that are event-only or sync pair-exclusive). Some of the music is just straight fire; it's a shame that some are event-exclusive. Bonus: you could create your own playlist. A music playlist for studying, I'm down.

14. Have the ability to see stats of the sync pair in the Dex beyond just the initial potential.

And now the nitpicky things...
  • Fix up Barry so his Empoleon's weakness isn't Grass. It's not Grass in the games due to its Steel-type. Electric, Fighting, Ground, take your pick.
  • On a similar note, super minor, but Seel isn't Ice-type. I get that Dewgong is Ice-type, but eh, again, this is super minor.
  • Change Calem's Espurr's evolution battle partner in the sync pair story to a sync pair that's not a Dark-type. I get that immunities do not exist, but it's slightly glaring when Espurr only knows Psychic-type attacking moves, and it's a specialized story.
  • Oof, the reason for Cyrus joining was not explained well at all. He just... shows up in your team. Without any interaction with the player when he joins. That should be fixed imo.
  • Have the ability to search up non-attacking moves by types. We're currently unable to search up which Pokémon has Light Screen (or simply Psychic-type Status moves). On that note, being able to search up moves by Physical, Special, or Status would be wonderful.
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Mr. Skuntank
Jun 22, 2012
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I would like to see Jupiter linked with her Skuntank.


Gen V was the peak.
Sep 11, 2018
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New story or other ways to properly get gems without needing to tryhard the hard content would be nice.
Not Dead
Mar 14, 2005
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A more cohesive story. I lost interest in the main one a long time ago.

Suicune with Sygna Kris or Eusine would be nice.