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open battle rp's


Jun 9, 2023
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Hi everyone, I love me a good battle rp and i do it a lot on telegram etc...but I've never did it on a forum, so let me introduce Casper:

So hehe, yush he is quite powerful, able to strike quickly, hypertraned on his speed and special attack and defence. Quite the tricky little electric rodent. His signature move is surprising - protect, he's able to use it and strike straight after, almost always just as a battle begins
So thats casper in a nutshell.
I have almost no limts when it comes to battle, use whatever technique you wish however please keep it to five moves and the ones your mon can learn. A bit of gore? Bloodshed adds to the experience, so use it. Anyone can join, lets make this a battlefield.
I love to rp and have never did it on a forum before >.<

Casper: PIIKAA PIIKAAA!! -he seems to be charging himself up, lighting bolts flying in all directions-

(Edit: just noticed this might be in the wrong section, so imma turn this thread into a sign-up, if your interested just leave your Pokémon character, moves held items etc. I think a maximum of three to five, I don't know how this will pan out so small numbers to start with)
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I may be interested in signing up if you're still doing this. Might send over mon details later if so.
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