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Opinions on Type Overlap in teams

Do you care about Type Overlap?

  • Yes

    Votes: 10 76.9%
  • No

    Votes: 3 23.1%

  • Total voters


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Feb 16, 2018
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  1. He/Him
There are people who don't mind having multiples of a type on the team (assuming that they aren't doing a Monotype Run). Then there are those who attempt to have as little (if any) type overlap as possible. What about you guys? I do try to have as little as possible on my teams.
While I would like to care about avoiding overlap, it is not always entirely possible or might go against the overall theme/feel of the game and player character in question.

Example, in Yellow, it is expected for Red to have both Blastoise and Lapras. The rest, you cannot dodge Gyarados + Lapras, even if you go Venusaur Jolteon Snorlax... Blastoise is way too much Water, Charizard adds another Flying. For HMs a throwaway Route 6 mon for Cut, Rock Tunnel layout memorised, the rest can fit on the main team.

In Johto, it is super hard to avoid overlap for the Flying type. Togepi Egg, Kenya the Spearow, Red Gyarados, ExtremeSpeed Dragonite... There is also some Normal overlap since the Togepi line was not Fairy back then, plus the Snorlax in Kanto, and even Rock overlap with Sudowoodo and Shuckle. HM slave is Sentret.

In Hoenn, I would even say that stacking Normals is recommended considering your father is the Normal type Gym Leader. Linoone is the optimal early HM slave and Castform Kecleon just come naturally.

Sinnoh... Togepi Eevee and Porygon are all gifts in Platinum, although Eevee does not exactly count since it will always evolve out of Normal anyway. The theme here is a bit too close to copying Cynthia's team with Togekiss Glaceon Porygon-Z Lucario... I usually go the extra mile and get Garchomp too, despite starting off with Torterra (Barry deserves the Infernape, any other starter is too slow for him, come on). HM slave is Bibarel.

BW... You are getting Larvesta and Amoonguss, so any starter-monkey combination has overlap with one of these. At least Archeops dodges the extra Water that would be Carracosta. Samurott Simisear slightly better since Larvesta will take long to be a good Fire alternative, besides Reshiram is stacked on top of all in Black so just accept it is going to be too much fire.

BW2... The trailer started off with Emboar Arcanine Lucario. Need I say more...

And finally Kalos... In between Lapras and Lucario, the only way to completely avoid overlap is Delphox Venusaur, which does not FEEL right based on Chesnaught used in Pokemon Generation and Mega Charizard having distinct X and Y forms to tell apart the Xerneas and Yveltal universe. So two Fighting it is, Chesnaught + Lucario. Then Tyrantrum is OK in Y where Mega Charizard is not Dragon, Aurorus always overlaps Lapras with Ice so no.

Alola... is weird. Starter, Paniola Ranch Eevee... You need to get creative from there on. I prefer Decidueye Wishiwashi Lycanroc and have not yet decided the ideal final spots.

Have not played Galar and Paldea yet.
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I prevent it as much as possible, but I don't overthink it. Ultimately what matters for me is to build up a viable team with the species that I love.

For example, during my initial FireRed run I had Charizard, Pidgeot and Snorlax on the same team. Ideally I could have replaced Pidgeot with a Pokémon that has an unused type on my team, but it would take away the fun of owning a Pidgeot which I love. However, I would not fancy adding yet another Normal/Flying type throughout the game as it would be boring.

Or a similar case happened to me during my Sun run. I had A-Ninetales, Mimikyu and Ribombee -- all sharing the Fairy-type. I could not have given up on any of them as I loved them all to have on my team. But ultimately their initial or second types do not match so that would still make some variety, so with different type combinations it is easier to overlook for more coverage (if this is what players are worried about).

Actually, checking my Pokémon teams, I have only 5 teams out of 21 that no type repeats itself -- which is better than expected. For me it is a bigger priority to have Pokémon species that I feel connected with or have some sympathy over the game mechanics and type coverage (the games are not that difficult anyway).
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I try my best not to have overlaps myself when doing a regular playthrough. But I think what matters more isn't so much the type overlap itself, but rather what the Pokémons with overlapping types can do to overcome the potential weaknesses. For example, a Pokémon team that has both Swampert and Gyarados is fine since both Pokémons have different weaknesses and resistances (Swampert's immunity to Electric-type moves makes it a switchable option should Gyarados be dealing with that type matchup, while Gyarados's immunity to Ground-type attacks is perfect for 2v2 situations where Swampert can fire off Earthquakes without repercussions). But ultimately, it depends on what you want to accomplish and what Gym Leader / Elite 4 member will give you the most trouble if going for overlaps.
I was more against it when I was younger but I've loosened up to it over the past few years. Between this and not always fully evolved my Pokemon it generally keeps the game a lot more interesting for me and adds a little more challenge especially if I play with set mode or self-imposed rules like no items in battle.

In my Shield playthrough I kept my starter a Grookey, and in my Scarlet playthrough I had two fire types and two normal types
I think of it as a necessary evil. In every playthrough I try to avoid it at all costs, but just due to the nature of the games and the limited team slots I do occasionally end up with at least one Pokémon overlapping with another.

And usually it's a dual-type overlapping with another dual-type, so they're almost always different enough in other aspects (like type resistances, movepools, and speed) that it doesn't really pose much of a problem to me — but deep down, it still irks me to no end, lol. Coverage isn't really my concern, but it's just so much more satisfying and/or aesthetically pleasing to have 6+ completely unique types in my party. Just a perfectionist sort of thing I suppose.
I'm in the same position has everyone. Preferrably not, as it's better to have as much coverage as possible but if it happens I don't mind it that much. However, nowadays I try to avoid it more. As for my experiences with it:
  • Emerald: Swampert & Phanpy. I did not regret using an unevolved mon on my first run ever, Phanpy held his own with Earthquake, Rollout and Double Edge, while Swampert specialized in Water.
  • Platinum: Torterra & Roserade. Both used their grass powers equally, if both failed Rapidash would come to their rescue.
  • HeartGold: Butterfree & Togekiss. Butterfree should never be your main Flying-type. When she gave a surprise was when she used her other moves.
  • White 2: Leavanny & Lilligant. It was weird to have a full Grass-type and a double type Grass-type at the same time, but I liked both species and Lilligant sometimes would end up as the strongest of the two as she had Sleep Power and good defenses.
  • X: Charizard & Tyrantrum (I used the Mega a lot). All of my team had wonderful moves and the game was kinda easy, actually I never noticed it until now.
  • Sun: Primarina & Ribombee. I only used Primarina's fairy type very ocasionally, and Ribombee was a glass cannon.
  • Ultra Moon: Alolan Ninetales & Mimikyu. Having two fairy types was useful, though I used Ninetales more as Mimikyu arrived a bit late (I couldn't even find her Z-move before the league).
  • Legends: Hisuian Samurott & Drapion. Drapion was my "main" Dark-type, I only used Samurott's dark side for its signature move. Having the two was an unplanned advantage against Giratina.
I notice I almost always have two types who overlap but they have good coverage together or make each other stronger in double battles.
I'm with most everyone else: I try to avoid it whenever I can but sometimes it just happens. Combined with how the games are structured and the occasional overlap is inevitable. Especially in a game where there is a certain gimmick or battle style, like XY's Sky Battles. Plus, depending on the Mons in question can change the outcome of the overlap. And sometimes it's just fun to do some overlap in themed playthroughs to either make it more challenging or use different strategies.

For example, in my Breath of Fire-themed playthrough in Scarlet I have two Fire types, two Flying types, and two Normal types. The Mons in question are Skeledirge, Noivern, Talonflame, Dudunsparce, and Sawsbuck. I didn't plan it that way, it just ended up that way. However, along with having different Tera Types (Fire, Normal, Steel, Ground, and Grass, respectively), their battling styles and movepools are different enough to mitigate the issue (ie: Skeledirge is a Special hitter while Talonflame is Physical oriented) along with giving me some other options depending on the battle (ie: just now I did a Tera Raid against a 5-Star Bug Tera Gogoat, so I went with Talonflame instead of Skeledirge because Gogoat has lower Defense that Special Defense, thus moves like Acrobatics/Flare Blitz will do more damage than Torch Song). While it stacks weaknesses (Rock and Fighting in particular, thanks to also using Lucario) the different teammates are able to cover for the others (ie: Noivern/Talonflame deal with Fighting while Lucario/Sawsbuck deal with Rock).

So while I try to avoid too many type overlaps, sometimes it just happens. When it does, I just roll with it nowadays. Plus it can be a fun challenge mode or used in a themed playthrough, especially since the games seem to encourage you to try different things.
I prefer to avoid type overlap because we only have a 12 type maximum for our teams and I want to have as much STAB options or different resistance spreads as possible. But here's what I think. The actual important thing to avoid when you commit to type stack is weakness overlap. That's where the problem begins rearing its ugly head.

Gyarados with Swampert? Totally fine, no shared weaknesses. Lucario with Hawlucha? Good to go, no shared weaknesses. Garchomp with Excadrill? You go right ahead, no shared weaknesses. Tyranitar with Rhyperior? A hard nope, they both share Water and Grass and Ground and Fighting weaknesses. In most cases there's little to no point of this if it does nothing to compliment and alleviate the first Pokémon's type matchups.
I do my best to avoid it, though I may make exceptions if they have different dual types. I always try to make sure I have at least one or two mons that can cover for their weaknesses if I do though.
I try to avoid it, by and large, but my only real rule of thumb is to never have more than 3 pokémon with the same type weakness. So, I can have Blastoise and Tentacruel, say, but then that means I can't have a flying type on my team and risk having 3 pokémon with an electric type weakness.
Thats generally forces me to push a little harder and mix my teams a little more than I otherwise would. Keeps things interesting :)
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