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OPS Roll Call

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An interesting article and episode guide, for those who really need a dose of nostalgia. The show premiered on Sept. 12, 1981, but it wasn't expanded to 90 minutes until the 1982 season.
I remember the Smurfs ^^ I had no idea that Papa Smurg was over 500 years old, though o_O
Razor Raven said:
I had no idea that Papa Smurg was over 500 years old, though
Neither did I, no wonder he knows Father Time. XD
Better late than never. Welcome!
Of course, you missed out on any Pokeshippy discussion. We are now talking about old-school cartoons.

Since it would seem to me that I'm younger than these old geezers and their 70s cartoons, all I can comment on are stuff like Rock's Modern Life, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and shows of their ilk.
And how old are you? :p Rocko was alright and <3ed TMNT. Old Nickelodeon was so much better than it is now. Cartoon Network kinda as well.
Old geezers??!? I grew up in the 70s and I can say one thing: my Saturday morning cartoons can beat up your Saturday morning cartoons. :p
On topic? But we already did the roll call, which is the general purpose of this thread.

That's why we're talking about cartoons now.

Out of curiosity, whatever happened to the Ikonboard OPS forums? They still around somewhere?
We do still have a backup of the old OPS forums, but since the database is corrupted, and I don't seem to have my old passwords (Though I believe Hiker still has his, and I wish he'd get off his butt and do something there sometime), there's nothing I can do to bring them back, even as an archive.
Or sic the Smurfs on him?
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