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Option magazine discussion thread

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Apr 14, 2012
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Note: I'm surprised that nobody in "Land of the Rising Sun" are discussing about Japanese magazines, so I had to create a thread about a popular automobile tuning magazine here. (Anime and manga threads here make me frustrating)

Hello, everybody here. Anybody read the Option magazine? Yes, this is a Japanese magazine that covers anything about car tuning and racing competitions in Japan. But in the early days (circa 1980s to 1990s, before I was born), the magazine was used to cover the exploits of illegal street racing in Japanese expressways such as Bayshore Route, before it was banned from doing so.

The Option magazine has sister magazines which serves as spinoffs, such as Option 2 (NOT A SEQUEL), Drift Tengoku ("Drift Heaven"), and G-Works. This magazine was distributed in many export markets throughout licensing, notably in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Here, I read the Malaysian edition of this magazine. Yes, it's in English instead of Chinese which was used for Hong Kong and Taiwanese editions of the magazine.

Anybody here who read the Option magazine (including original Japanese versions and licensed translated version), share your thoughts about them here.
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