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Orangeshipping Discussion Thread

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Meh ^_^'
Sep 17, 2005
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Well, Since the last thread is probably over a month old, I thought it was time to create a new thread for this ship

So if you support this ship, join and discuss!

and if you don't support this ship, just respect the fact that this thread is for supporters (there's an anti-Orangeship thread here anyway if you happen to feel that strongly about it)

I'll start with a topic

If you like Orangeshipping, why so?
That thread is actually for general debate. Which is why I won't be doing any debating here anyway. <_<
If you like Orangeshipping, why so?

It caught my interest right before Hoso episodes aired. Ironic huh.

Anyway, I don't really know why I started liking it. It just happened to be one of those ships that I thought was interesting and had some potential I guess.
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