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Orchid's Ordinary Backyard (pokémon headcanons and other things)

Wow, I never really thought it out that way! Very interesting analysis. Through in my opinion it would have to do less with types and more with Breeding Groups. The Dragon-type egg group including "regular" lizards and snakes could hint that dragons don't live as long as that so they had to learn to breed with other species to assure survival. Likewise, the Field group has so much members of varied shapes and sizes because they don't live long either.

Also, I guess Ghost-types would choose themselves when to have a "definitive death" as otherwise there would be overpopulation and they wouldn't need to breed.
Sorry for the double post lol but Greavard's reveal made me realize that many Pokedex entries talk about Ghosts draining life, so my theory is that they can only feed of life energy, and if they stop consuming it they die.

That led me to another thing: Pokemon like Phantump or Yamask aren't human turned to Pokemon, it was just an assumption by the writer of the Dex entries after they saw those Pokemon consuming the life energy a human.
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