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Jun 7, 2005
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What happened to all the clubs like OPS, URS, PI etc?

I was a regular in this online Pokemon community since the end of 1999 before disappearing at the beginning of 2003. it's unlikely I'll post here much, but I'm just interested to see that BMG is still alive. And that's certainly a great thing.
Tamazoid, I know this name.....not Machamp?

URS died long ago. PI still exists, but only as a website and cliqué. OPS still exists, but really only as a sig club, though I have run one or two reunion things every year. As the the etc's.....hell, I don't think any of them were still active at all by 2002, excepting maybe the KrazyShippers.

If Kasumi comes back in the next Japanese season, as is rumoured, then you'll see an OPS explosion, but there hasn't really been much interest in reviving any of the other old groups.
yeah, I miss the good ol' ops days.

hey arcy, if you have another reunion don't forget to invite me!!! ;)
I haven't been to this site, or the likes of TPM etc for more than 2 years so coming back and to see it's all changed is interesting.

Obviously Archaic I am a bit of a BMG/TPM/SPP/UPN "relic", though I'll keep you guessing. And come to think of it, I haven't logged into AIM for over twelve months either!

This Kasumi sounds familiar - something tells me the name Professor Oak?
Kasumi = Misty

I've been thinking, not really what happened to all the clubs and stuff, but where some of the people that used to belong in them went...

like..Togepretty. she really just disappeared didn't she? :(
Togepretty totally vanished from the face of the internet. A lot of the old vets who kinda faded away did at least keep in contact with one or two people in some way, but Togepretty, who was a mod at the time, didn't even do that. One day she was here, the next, she wasn't. To this day, we still don't know what happened.
Really? She was in the middle of a fic, that I was just reading, and thats what made me start wondering.

hope nothing tragic happened or anything
I know that she began writing Harry Potter fics on FFN. I think she's okay, but out of the Pokemon fandom.
If only we could bring some of these people back - I think Eevee PKMN Master, TrueBluePikachu, Sakaki, Savannah Safuran..., Car..
I remember Togepretty and Merc from OPS, along with SAMAS and Edgeknight. I guess Maria (Toge's real name) just left the fandom altogether.
Yeah. Sometimes it happens, though. Between college and work and life in general, a lot of fans just fell through the cracks.
Hey, whatever happened to McWizardX, the guy who owned the Pokéshipping Romance site?
Although the thread steered from the topic of the first post I'm going to go back to it with a few questions. What do URS and PI mean? And why not just restart the clubs?
PI = PalletShippers International

URS could be restarted, since it's the only one that's truly dead (And its founder, Machamp, is banned here). The others are simply inactive. I suppose Ket is the highest ranking PI member left in the fandom, so what happens there would be up to her. As for OPS....if we get enough PokéShipping hints in the next few eps, then it'll certainly come out of inactivity.
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