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It's been talked about a lot in the last few days though.
Has there been any talk of resurrecting the OPS forums? I suppose that could be considered, although it might be easier simply to have the BMGf for club purposes, instead of having a separate site.
Revive, not remake. =p I mean, I did found the thing in the first place, and there's plenty of active members like Barb and Kasumi-chan here.

I'll have to try restoring the old OPS forums, even if only as an archive, when we move to our new server.
Archaic said:
Indeed. Like I said, only as an archive.

*Wonders who should be given the job of reviving the URS*
Do we have *any* fanatic RocketShippers around?

You can cross me off the list, Jessie and James just aren't good characters anymore, at least they tried hard and were worth comedic relief

Now they are niether -_-
Tch, it's been MONTHS since I last saw the show. Just got bored of it...
Archaic said:
On principle? ^^;;

To be honest, I can't remember. Most likely spamming. He was rather anti-BMG when I resurrected it, and I remember him trying to do something to disrupt things, but I don't remember what exactly.

The only thing I can remember him doing is appearing under multiple screenames in order to be rude and disruptive, including to Pokemon fans in general
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