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Paid Special Research

the plasma pokemon
Sep 9, 2008
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Recently, Niantic gave us Regigigas through a paid special research in A Colossal Discovery. Those that paid for it had the opportunity to fully complete the research in a day to earn the Regigigas; those that didn't complete it in a day could still complete it, but they got different tasks to do so.

How do y'all feel about paying to get special research to earn legendary Pokemon, or even any other Pokemon for that matter? Did any of you get the research? If you did, how did you feel about it?

I personally don't really like the idea of having to pay to get Pokemon in the game. Even with Pokemon like Leafeon, Glaceon, and Probopass that evolve with the use of the special Lure Modules, you could pay for those with coins earned through gyms or real money; you have the option to go either way with that. And they give you the modules as a part of the Jirachi special research, so they don't even completely force you to pay for any of them. With this special research you had to pay with real money in order to get it.

I was one of the ones that paid for it, but my only other option to get Regigigas probably would've been through EX Raids that I would've been unable to get to even if I was invited to one. This, to me, felt like the only way I could really get Regigigas easily, so I went for it. I don't like the idea of it, but I paid for it with money I earned through Google surveys as opposed to my own money; that doesn't make it any better, of course, but I told myself if I didn't have the money through surveys to get it, then I wasn't going to get the research. I haven't completed the research yet, but I do wish I'd been able to participate in the event the day it dropped. I think I was working that day (or it was one of the few days I was off at the time and didn't want to go out, I can't remember now), so I didn't actually go out. I have the alternative tasks now, and it's nice to be able to still work on it at my own pace. It's a little tedious, admittedly, but at least I know I can still complete it one day.