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Palindromic stats that palindromically refer to Shuckle213896052's palindromic level

Discussion in 'Trainer's Stats' started by Shuckle213896052, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Shuckle213896052

    Shuckle213896052 1 in 213896052 don't suck

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    Apr 21, 2010
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    Well, according to the rules that my semi internet-attuned mind inferences from what probably has nothing to do with anything, I have to start with my name. So how about no? Sorry, I'm not giving away any personal details whatsoever. Yeah, they teach you about the internet in school nowadays; that, drugs, and sex. But if you want to know the story behind my user name, scroll to the bottom of this page!

    As for 'instant messenger'... How do you expect me to have that, whatever it is!? I was in tears when my parents force-fed me a mobile phone, and it was primitive! It still is.

    At the moment, my bank accout balance is overbalancing into bankruptcy, with a mere 7,000£... See you in the gutter, money.

    Now, my current position... Uncomfortable? I haven't a clue what to say here, or what it means.

    Ah, here's something... My current Pokemon are:

    Steelix, Female, Rock Head
    9 battles (6 wins, 3 losses)

    Magikarp, Male, Swift Swim
    0 battles, woot.

    Okay, a bit disappointing. But here are my items!

    Link cable
    TM Sandstorm
    Heart Scale
    Meadow Plate
    Mind Plate
    Sky Plate
    Electric Gem
    Ice Gem

    We're seeing improvement!... I won't even bother being dramatic for badges.






    Orange Islands:

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  2. Shuckle213896052

    Shuckle213896052 1 in 213896052 don't suck

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    Apr 21, 2010
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    I've been in a few battles...

    In Progress: 0

    Wins: 6
    Onix: Vs. Chainreaction01, Ralts. (Huzzah for speed! Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are.)

    Onix: Vs. Flamesazer, Cyndaquil. (I went easy on it.)

    Onix: Vs. Cornbread, Pineco & Wiiunite, Mewoth. Allied with Natorei, Cyndaquil. (Mewoth - am I missing a meme here?)

    Onix: Vs. Rage Baron, Togepi. (Pesky little blighter.)

    Steelix: Vs. Wergugy, Pupitar & Synthesis, Numel. Allied with Solid, Gengar. (Like Neighbourhood-Guest's Trapinch, Numel and Earth Power, my imminent doom. But Wergugy ran off. I'm not well loved.)

    Steelix: Vs. Wergugy, Crobat. (Ah, teh eezies... With no opponent :S)

    Steelix: Vs. sorocoroto, Bagon. (Refs dislike me. Maybe I smell. Is Wergugy a ref?)

    Losses: 4
    Onix: Vs. Njb013, Poliwag. (OHKO!)

    Onix: Vs. Njb013, Poliwag. (He went easy on me this time.)

    Steelix: Vs. Neighbourhood-Guest, Trapinch. (They're so good at roleplaying... I WANT THAT! *Throws tantrum*)

    Steelix: Vs. badvinvin, Chimchar. (I actually didn't win!? Bah. I mean... Really? Seriously? Aw... I had a type advantage! I mean - Chimmy did too, but - this is just sad on my behalf. I'm nattering on and on about something that's done and gone, and I...)

    Draws: 0

    Aw, I like drawing.

    Other: 2
    Steelix: Forum FFA tournament. (Somebody has a Shuckle :conangry: and I lost on round 2!!! Heck, but I still ranked relatively high.)

    Steelix: Vs. Wrath, Lotad. (It was all going well... before it was lost to the mists of time. *Shudders*)
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  3. Shuckle213896052

    Shuckle213896052 1 in 213896052 don't suck

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    Apr 21, 2010
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    The Shuckometer

    Uh-oh. Get ready for...



    [10] Trainer - create your stats
    [30] PC Required - own 7 Pokemon
    [40] Elemental - own a Grass, Fire, and Water Pokemon (dual types count only as 1)
    [40] Sandstormin' - own a Rock, Ground, and Steel Pokemon (dual types count only as 1)
    [40] Collector - own a Pokemon from each generation
    [70] The Better Collector - own 20 different Pokemon (not Pokedex)
    [20] Barter - trade a Pokemon and don't trade it back
    [30] So Realistic - trade and trade back a Pokemon to evolve it
    [40] We Don't Need No Approval - evolve a Pokemon that evolves by trade with a Cable Link
    [10] Going Postal - buy Mail
    [40] Arsenal - own 6 battle items
    [60] N.U.K.E.M. Ready - have 10 taught moves on a single Pokemon
    [70] N.U.K.E.M. Certified - have a Pokemon listed in Project N.U.K.E.M. (doesn't have to last)
    [50] Pet - own the most basic form of a Pokemon that evolves, but don't evolve it for 6 months, [INSERT POKEMON NAME HERE]
    [50] Big Money - spend 50,000 at the Pokemart in one post
    [50] The Jack-o'-lantern Achievement - use a Ghost or Dark Pokemon in a battle, in a contest, or in the National Park during the week of Halloween
    [50] The New Beginnings Achievement - use a baby Pokemon in a battle, in a contest, or in the National Park during the week of New Year

    50 out of 700

    Shuckolevel: Baby with pacifier

    Battles [IMPORTANT: all battle challenges can only be acquired in 3 VS. 3 or higher battles, unless otherwise noted by an asterisk (*)]
    [10] Battler - participate in a battle *
    [20] Scrimmage - participate in a 3 VS. 3 battle
    [30] 'Real' Battle - participate in a 6 VS. 6 battle
    [50] Pro Attack - win a battle with your final move being Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, or Blast Burn
    [50] Weak Sauce - win a battle with your final move being Tackle, Scratch, or Pound
    [40] Counter Counter Team - send your Pokemon first in a DPP or RSE battle and win
    [40] Streak - win 3 battles in a row
    [20] But how much do you squat? - win a gym badge *
    [50] To Be a Master - win all gym badges in one region (excluding Orange Islands)
    [50] Fruity Side Quest - complete the Orange Island League
    [60] Mythic - become Legend Defender
    [100] Champion - become URPG Champion
    [70] The RBY Hit List - KO the following Pokemon: [ ] Alakazam, [ ] Gengar, [ ] Jolteon, [ ] Starmie, [ ] Dragonite
    [70] The GSC Hit List - KO the following Pokemon: [ ] Crobat, [ ] Scizor, [ ] Tyranitar
    [70] The RSE Hit List - KO the following Pokemon: [ ] Swampert, [ ] Salamence, [ ] Metagross
    [70] The DPP Hit List - KO the following Pokemon: [ ] Infernape, [ ] Togekiss, [ ] Gliscor, [ ] Garchomp

    10 out of 650

    Shuckolevel: Something really, really bad at sucking. Something awesome. Like, the opposite of YOU, Shucks.

    Free For All
    [10] This Seems Fun - participate in an FFA
    [30] FFAnatic - participate in 10 FFAs
    [40] All Skill - win an FFA
    [50] But how many people did you team with? - win 5 FFAs
    [60] Did you even attack anyone? - win 10 FFAs
    [60] The Diplomat - win 2 FFAs in a row
    [50] Underdog - win an FFA with a not fully evolved Pokemon
    [20] OMG YOU PILED ME - KO a Pokemon in an FFA
    [50] Spiral-er - KO 3 Pokemon in a single FFA
    [70] Grim Reaper - KO 5 Pokemon in a single FFA
    [10] Conformist - use Substitute on the first turn of an FFA
    [30] Nonconformist - don't use Substitute on the first turn of an FFA
    [40] This is why we can't have things! - use Haze in an FFA and clear 6 Pokemon's stat boosts
    [40] But It's Broken - use Imprison in an FFA with 10 other Pokemon active
    [40] Agilitrolled - use Trick Room in an FFA when 6 Pokemon are faster than your Pokemon, and 1 Pokemon uses a speed boosting move in the same turn
    [50] :confused: - use Trick Room in an FFA when 6 Pokemon are slower than your Pokemon, and your Pokemon is the fastest Pokemon
    [30] Always Use - Protect/Detect successfully against 2 attacks in one turn of an FFA

    40 out of 680

    Shuckolevel: Backside of a mosquito with toothache

    [20] Writer - capture a Pokemon through a story
    [20] A caveman could do it. - capture an Easiest Pokémon in a story
    [20] Derp - capture a Simple Pokémon in a story
    [30] in res - capture a Medium Pokémon in a story
    [40] Mohs Scale - capture a Hard Pokémon in a story
    [60] √(-x) - capture a Complex Pokémon in a story
    [70] Supply And - capture a Demanding Pokémon in a story
    [80] Uncle! - capture a Merciless Pokémon in a story
    [100] Completely Numb - capture a Stupefying Pokémon in a story
    [70] Five Dollar Footlong - capture 5 different Pokémon in one story
    [100] Author - capture 10 different Pokémon in one story
    [100] 6 Figure - write a 100k character story
    [90] Novella - write a ten chapter story

    0 out of 780

    Shuckolevel: Scooby Doo vampire

    National Park
    [20] I’ll Just Have One - catch a Pokemon in the National Park
    [40] Once You Pop You Can’t Stop - catch two Pokemon in the National Park
    [60] Third Time’s a Charm - catch three Pokemon in the National Park
    [80] Overkill - catch four Pokemon in the National Park
    [10] Light Shopper - spend 3,000 or less in items at the National Park Shop
    [40] Rollin’ in the Dough - spend 25,000 in items at the National Park Shop
    [20] Common Sense - catch a Common Rank Pokemon
    [30] Uncommon Knowledge - catch an Uncommon Rank Pokemon
    [50] Intermediate Skills - catch an Intermediate Rank Pokemon
    [70] Ready and Raring - catch a Rare Rank Pokemon
    [90] You’re So Special - catch a Special Rank Pokemon
    [80] There’s Always Some Truth to the Legends - see a Legendary Pokemon
    [30] The Great Escape - Escape from a wild Pokemon encounter
    [40] Hole in One - catch a Pokemon on your first attempt
    [40] Double Your Fun - participate in a Team RP
    [100] Gotta Catch ‘Em All - catch at least one Pokemon of every Rank and encounter a Legendary Pokemon
    [40] Persistence Pays Off - finish an entire Park run without leaving or being escorted out early
    [40] Sharing is Caring - use a restorative item on a Pokemon
    [40] Can You Resist Me? - use a Repel of any kind
    [40] Child’s Play - use a PokeDoll
    [40] Call of the Wild - use a Voice Disk
    [40] Smells Like Nirvana - use a Fragrance
    [40] Odds and Ends - use any other Item (excludes Park Balls of any kind)

    0 out of 1080

    Shuckolevel: See your score? Divide the total by it. Because your result BEGINS TO APPROACH YOUR PHANTASMAGORICAL SUCKISHNESS.

    [20] Coordinator - participate in a contest
    [30] I'm never doing this again. - win a contest
    [30] The Good Stuff - use a Pokeblock
    [60] The Secret Formula - maximize 4 attributes on a single Pokemon
    [30] HURR DURR - earn 500 points in a contest
    [60] A Grand - earn 1000 points in a contest
    [30] :smokin: - win a Cool Contest
    [30] Beauty - win a Beauty Contest
    [30] I has a corn. - win a Cute Contest
    [30] NERD! - win a Smart Contest
    [30] and the Beast - win a Tough Contest
    [50] Coordinate THIS - win a contest for each attribute: [ ] Cool, [ ] Beauty, [ ] Cute, [ ] Smart, [ ] Tough
    [40] May - win a RSE Contest
    [40] Dawn - win a DPP Contest
    [30] Normal - win a Normal Contest
    [50] That's - win a Great Contest
    [70] Fourth Dimension - win a Hyper Contest
    [90] Is anyone out there? - win a Master Contest
    [50] :party: - win a festival
    [80] Chicken Dinner - win 15 ribbons
    [40] Combo - perform a combo
    [50] Combo Breaker - startle a Pokemon in Combo Standby for -5
    [40] Not Jelly - startle a Pokemon
    [40] Stage Fright - cause a Pokemon to be too nervous to move
    0 out of 1050

    Shuckolevel: Suckle. 'Cause you shuck.

    Total: 100 out of 4940

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