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Pancakes or Waffles?

Which do you prefer?

  • Pancakes

    Votes: 26 53.1%
  • Waffles

    Votes: 23 46.9%

  • Total voters


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Aug 13, 2019
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Pancakes and waffles always seemed sorta like breakfast rivals to me so I was curious to see which people prefer. You can base your opinions off of any kind, I know there's quite a lot of types of pancakes and waffles.
Waffles are more crispy and can hold more toppings but Pancakes are soft and fluffy and can be stacked easier

i can't decide
I've always been more of a waffle person myself. While it is easier to make pancakes as they just need a frying pan, and not some special maker like waffles (unless it's just frozen ones, which is also fine) I prefer how waffles are overall.

The fact that they are nice and crispy, and hold syrup with ease are certainly a big plus to me. I love chicken and waffles, and feel it's a great combination.

Also waffle cones. I don't see the convenience of a pancake being able to hold my ice cream while I'm walking around like a waffle can.
While I love crisp taste, I can not stand crisp textures in this kind of thing. Waffles are too crisp for me. I'll take pancakes any day.
It's mainly up to 2 problems with both of these dishes.

Waffles are always hit or miss. It's either bland and tastes like cardboard, or is comparable to the taste and texture of God's door mat.

Pancakes are always consistent in taste and texture, but they lack the complexity that Waffles have.
I'll give it to waffles.

Waffles have the little holes on them that you can put fruits or syrup in. It's fun to eat them square by square, too. I find that pancakes get soggy really easily, so I dislike putting too much toppings on them.

But I think crepes are better than both
Aren’t they a type of pancake though? Wikipedia seems to list them as such.

When I think pancake, I think smaller and fluffier, whereas with crepes, they're thin and large enough to put things into. Maybe the crepes I eat are just too distinct from pancakes I've eaten for me to consider them the same thing :unsure:
Pancakes ftw.

With just butter.
Now I must have some soon.
Ergh, I meant to buy a pancake shake today.
I love both! It ultimately depends on my mood. I'll go through phases where I prefer pancakes for a while, then I'll switch to preferring waffles. But in the end they're both great.
I'm a classic pancake girl. They're so soft and fun to flip, and it's easier to spread butter and sugar on them.
I'm more of a pancake kinda girl myself, but I don't mind waffles here and there.
Both. I don't have a preference, both are good on the rare occasion I do have one or the other for breakfast. Though if I were to pick which one to make, then pancakes since they are so easy.
French Toast and/or Crepes is the grown man's answer

Crepes with the homemade whip cream & powder sugar is
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c-can I say both? I like the squishiness of pancakes and crunchyness of waffles. but if I had to pick, I suppose pancakes? their fluffy texture is a bit more satisfying for me (‘∀’●)♡
i might be biased, but i have eaten pancakes way more. therefore i enjoy them way more. my opinion is not valid, but it is my opinion. i rest my case.
I love both, but I'll say waffles. The pockets can hold extra syrup and chocolate chips. Belgian waffles also help tip in waffles' favor.

Of course, waffles are overshadowed by funnel cakes.
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