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Pancakes or Waffles?

Which do you prefer?

  • Pancakes

    Votes: 26 53.1%
  • Waffles

    Votes: 23 46.9%

  • Total voters
Waffles, one hundred percent. Mainly because you can have it how crispy you like or how soft you like it. That and you also have the heterogeneity of the texture and because of those mini-pocket, syrup and sauce.

That being said, if I know I am at an awesome place, french toast for me please!
I treat waffles the same way I treat poptarts and toaster strudel, breakfast snacks. I treat pancakes as a meal. I'd even take french toast over waffles tbh.
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I grew up in France where we would eat sweet crepes at restaurants and they'd usually be served with powdered sugar, chocolate, fruits, jams or other toppings! I personally realy enjoyed them with powdered sugar, strawberries and cream! We also had waffles where I grew up but I wasn't initially crazy about the ones I had in Paris. The crazy thing is unlike in America, it's not considered a breakfast food. I would also eat it for dessert normally, not as a main dish. It actually baffles me that so many people eat dessert food for breakfast?

But yeah I always really liked waffles, but it wasn't until I had a big belgian waffle at a diner in New York with butter and maple syrup that I really became a "waffle person". I think it's the exterior crispiness and the holes that hold and absorb the flavorings. I also like them with nutella or cookie butter, and I realllllly love cookie butter. I use it in my coffee too, and as a dip with apple slices.
Waffles because the little pockets hold the syrup and the texture is just so crunchy and pleasant. And now I want some. I think I'll go to IHOP sometime soon.
Waffles are overrated as f*ck but every once in a while I'll have me chocolate chip waffles. I just don't think they stack up to pancakes or even french toast.
we have a waffle maker so we eat waffles often. A griddle to, so my gf will often make pancakes too.
I previously mentioned here that I got tired of eating pancakes. I feel like that has definitely changed, and now I like pancakes again.

Still, I do think that waffles are better than pancakes.
I've always preferred pancakes but within the last like 2 or 3 years I've become more of a waffle person.
Pancakes are more fluffy and more easy to cook
The poll results are really close here.

My opinion is probably biased since I've had more pancakes than waffles, but I think pancakes are better by virtue of being softer and easier to cut.

The syrup and butter seeping into the pockets is just perfection!
i used to prefer waffles. i am now a proud member of the pancake supremacy gang.

...but to be honest, i'm not really big on either. they're just a bit too plain for me without syrup, but WITH syrup they're simply too sweet. sigh.
Used to be a waffles guy, but recently they've felt hit or miss honestly. Pancake gang rise up ^^

but if we're being honest french toast solos both imo
Waffles 100%. Love the crispy edges with a soft interior, and I like how jam and syrup stay in the squares nice and neatly.

Pancakes are good too, but I don't like how syrup runs off the edges and soaks into the pancake so fast.
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