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'pedia ideas


Dec 29, 2002
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Just a few random thoughts. More to come later, maybe.

- Pokémon News page similar to the Wikipedia front page
- Pokémon News page similar to Fark.com
Do we really want that? The 'pedia isn't meant to be the be-all end-all to Bulbagarden content. For news, we should use a proper news syndication engine. I think the front page space should have: starting points (horizontal bar), featured article (blurb), message from editor (short), did you know (based on newest articles), and links to references and of course, other Bulbagarden sites.
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Actually, I didn't intend for either of those ideas to be front page things, just potential uses of the fact that wiki pages are open to editing, and to maybe jump start other peoples brains on other less conventional uses of the Wiki.

What you've outlined there for the front page sounds perfect.
Less conventional? Perhaps. But it still has to be relevant. A wikinews page could work... as raw material for historical reference in the future - but a format needs to be set -- headline, summary, link, date etc. -- as if the link could disappear at any time.
Changed the main page to the proposed format. Mr. Editor, please trim/condense your message further than what I've done, you can leave the full message at the page linked to from "Read more".
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