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Mafia: Periodic Table Mafia ~ Endgame

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attempts to comfort the owl.
About 10 hours left of the night left. Get your actions in. To make things easier on me, if you're not planning to use your role, please let me know and confirm that.
Sith Puppy
2. @Midorikawa No action during the night so I trust her as Town
8. @DarthWolf13 Tracker, confirmed with jd Ninja and no cc.
10. @FinalArcadia indep claim, with multiple kills I trust her to not be Mafia
14. @Ereshkigal Lightning Rod can(?) only be town
15. @Iteru Mason Town (with 1x cop and more?)
16. @Space Vig (1x?)
18. @swarla Role Cop (confirmed?)

If I am right these are the people left alive.
Could it be that FA counts as a thread to Town and is our last target?
♡ ice reaper ♡
That wasn't the case, but like I said earlier this phase, something important happened during N3. That is the key to this game and hitting one person in particular should end this, and I don't mean me. But again, I literally cannot say anything more specific about it, and for that I really am sorry because, at this point, I really wish I could say something further.
Sith Puppy
@FinalArcadia Can't you at least name the person that we (HD would be helpful with this) need to hit to end it. I'm willing to believe you, but you could still be seen as our thread. Of course I would love to see you leave victorious with us. Did you kill a metalloid?
♡ ice reaper ♡
@FinalArcadia Can't you at least name the person that we (HD would be helpful with this) need to hit to end it. I'm willing to believe you, but you could still be seen as our thread. Of course I would love to see you leave victorious with us. Did you kill a metalloid?
Trust me, I wish I could because I wanted to win this last phase and I'm really disappointed I didn't, and I understand why you could see me as a threat. I was the one who killed Rainbow Cloud though, so I did get a metalloid. There is a reason it didn't end there for me, though. There is only so much I can say though without blatantly going against what I'm allowed to say, however. If things don't end this phase, I should be able to hint a bit more in the day phase through voting. Again, I'm sorry this is so cryptic; I want to help town but there are limits on what I can outright tell.
attempts to comfort the owl.
Bah. Sorry about that, I got home and then accidentally fell asleep. I'll have the update ready to go in a few minutes.

Phase locked. Update pending
Day 5 ~ tBD
attempts to comfort the owl.

Day 5: tBD

The mood was sombre around the school. The sun once again peaked over the distant hills and stabbed the windows with hints of light. In small collections of time, groans and yawns implied the waking of the students, while the teachers had an astonishingly uninterrupted sleep. Yet, outside the enclosing walls of the battered school, two more students had left.

Pikochu was up the earliest and was looking around the classrooms in half-paced resolve. When he reached the final room, he glanced over two A4 sheets of paper pinned against the splintered wood. He ripped them off gently skimmed over the scribbles on each page. Despite each lasting about half the page, he only cared about the two similar paragraphs at the bottom of each.

I’m sorry to leave like this, but I need to put safety first. I really did like the idea of the class, but if I leave now, hopefully the people behind this will stop. Yours sincerely, Iteru.

Pikochu said:
Dear Iteru,

You are Californium, number 98 on the periodic table and one of the lanthanides. You were discovered in when the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory bombarded curium with Helium-4 ions, also known as alpha particles. You were named after California which happens to where Pikochu is from.

Because California is home to Hollywood and Silicon Valley (where Pikochu is from), you have the following abilities:

- Because California is home to Silicon Valley, you have access to the mason chat with Gold and Silicon You know that your masons are confirmed town. You may also be subjected to non-game related trolling from the hosts and MoD in the chat
- Since Silicon Valley is also home to large tech companies, once per game in any phase, you can role check a player by sending hosts LinkedIn Check: [player] and cop check a player by sending Google Search: [player] to the hosts. You may only use one of your checks per phase.

- Since Hollywood is also in California, during any night phase, you can role block a player by sending the hosts: Entertain: [player]. This ability is 1x use per night phase.

In short, you are information entertaining mason allied with town and you win when all threats to town are eliminated.

[information redacted by hosts]

Iteru has been nightkilled! Iteru was information entertaining mason allied with town

He recalled the other one.

Obviously, something isn’t right here, and I can’t risk being here. I will try to help from the outside if needed, and I really hope you do find out what’s happening. Thankyou, Midorikawa

Pikochu said:
Dear Midorikawa,

You are Nitrogen. You are the 7th element on the periodic table. You’re naturally a gas, and are used as a base for explosives. You’re also present in every living organism on the planet. For more information, look here: Uses of Nitrogen | Uses Of

As such, you are a Bomb. If you get lynched, you will also kill two of the players that voted for your lynch. If you get nightkilled, you will also kill all players that visited you that night.

In short, you are a Bomb allied with the town, and you win when all threats to your faction have been eliminated

Midorikawa has been vengefully Nightkilled! Midorikawa was Bomb allied with the town

Piko looked down and sighed. Maybe it’s time to close it down…

Within minutes, he entered Elementar’s room and slid the papers along desk in front of him. “They’re gone now too.” Elementar leaned forward on his chair viewed them.

“Man, this class got messed up.”

“Is it your fault?”


“On what?”

“Who you consider me to be.”

“ME’s outside…”

Elementar chuckled lightly and kept his eyes down. “Do you need my advice for anything?”

“I wanted your opinion. Do you think we should shut it down?”

Elementar now leaned back on their chair against the wall. “I reckon we should wait.”


“Yeah. Give the remaining students the option at least. It’s ultimately up to them if they want to continue with the course, even if they aren’t learning much now. I have a feeling it will be over soon.”

“Okay…” Nodding grudgingly, Piko’s feet followed him out of the room and he made his way down the hallway. He noticed now that it was bland; only refreshed by the occasional existence of an opaque slab of wood or translucent panes of frosted glass. This will be interesting…

It is now Day 5. Day 5 ends on Saturday, May 6th 2017, 9:30 PM (UTC -7 (PDT)). Countdown Timer Sunday, May 7th 2017, 3:30 AM (UTC -7, PDT). Countdown Timer.

With 5 players alive, 3 votes are required for a hammer. there will be no hammerlynching this phase as of 4:03AM PST, May 5, 2017.

This game is currently in a MYLO situation. If town mislynches, town will lose/

All action related PMs have been sent. If you have not received a PM relating to your action, your action produced nothing or has not affected the game.
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Okay these are the people left:
DarthWolf13: Confirmed Tracker
Swarla: Confirmed Rolecop
Ereshkigal: Confirmed Lightning Rod
Space: Claimed Vigilante
FinalArcadia: Confirmed Indep?

The only person left whose role isn't confirmed is space, and unless FinalArcadia has been playing us for the entirety of the game, Space is mafia.
Sith Puppy
The thing is, how did we get 3 kills at the end of N3? I assumed that was Mafia, Space and FA. Can Mafia maybe do multiple kills in a night, once, and therefore making 1x vig an easy claim.
@Space who do you think is scum?
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