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Review PG12: The Magma Stone

Aug 14, 2008
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Buck was Kanto Gary reincarnate. Pathetically bad episode, confirming that Heatran is an even stupider legendary design that Kyogre.
Aka: Sceptile
Jan 19, 2003
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And thus debate will reign forever on why Heatran just dissolved.
Well-Known Member
May 4, 2007
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They need to stop making Looker act serious...its like they took the one thing people liked about Looker and went the opposite direction.

Buck is incredibly annoying and Looker does not look, sound or act like the character from the Kanto and Johto episodes.
Clearly he's the Faller Looker[/s]
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Jul 30, 2016
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I knew i wasn't crazy when I saw Looker and was like, "was that even the same Looker? That cannot be."
Jan 2, 2003
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Did Buck overuse the word "dude" in the English version of the Gen IV games?
Laid to Wake
Oct 18, 2012
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This one fell flat on its face

Perfunctory game scene rewrite sans Lucas/Dawn + Buck the lame-o + out-of-character Looker (who can use the Vulcan Nerve Pinch?) + meh Legendary = not a good idea for an episode

Also why was the Magma Stone not orange?

Also why did Heatran dissolve??? :confused:

The one upside was seeing Croagunk (RIP) actually managing to repulse Heatran fairly handily with what looked like Mud Slap.

Did Buck overuse the word "dude" in the English version of the Gen IV games?
Ctrl+f "dude" on his page turns up two results:

> "Yeah, I owned the little dude."

And a link to the character Dude's page.
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Nah, not possible.
Mar 31, 2014
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Yeah, I've been fine with most of the Generations episodes so far, but this one was awkward and lackluster. Sinnoh has so many Mythical Pokemon whose backstories are barely explored by the games themselves, but somehow this discount bad guy team b-plot got chosen instead...? Really now.
Oh look, a Shiny!
Sep 12, 2016
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It's been so long since I poked around in my Sinnoh games that I couldn't even remember where Buck cropped up in them. I actually went to his Bulbapedia page to read about what happened to jog my memory, lol.

I had forgotten how brash & abrasive Buck came across. I see they still have kept this personality aspect of him.

Other than that..... this was a really weird episode for me. This Looker doesn't look, or sound, quite the same as the Looker from the earlier episodes, wth??
Ah well, at least he's got his Croagunk with him. Also, nice karate chop to the neck there, on Charon.

As for Charon....I never got the Platinum version of the Sinnoh games, so I have no recollection of how things went with him taking over Team Galactic.

So the magma stone isn't orange like in the game, and when Buck puts the stone back on the pedestal, instead of challenging Heatran to battle, Heatran just....dissolves into thin air? Okay, then..... I mean, seriously, wth??

I mean, I guess this was an okay episode.....