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Picking up my copy of Legends Arceus on Friday!

Got the game, yesterday, and I already started playing it. So far, I am impressed with the game! I had to catch one of my all-time favourite Sinnoh Pokémon as part of a Trial. I just wish I could have switched the order.

I honestly thought I was only going to have Pokémon Battles against Wardens, but, I am glad it’s not the case. I think it’s safe to say that they really did an awesome job at creating a new Sinnoh Trainer and Gym Leader Battle Theme. The only problem is, you have to be careful not too slowly, or the opposing Trainer will take your team down. I have won every single Trainer and Warden Battle, so far, and I intend on maintaining that statistic.
Me right now having to wait for Game Stop to open tomorrow while watching everyone who either downloaded it last week, ordered it online last year, is from Australia/New Zealand, lives near a Game Stop that still does midnight releases, or got it digitally having fun:

Feeling this so hard right now. I preordered mine on the 11th and they've only pushed my earliest arrival date back, not forward. =( Game still hasn't even shipped.
…… I set out to find the Shiny Ponyta, and I found a Shiny Drifloon. I caught it at Level 2. But, it was fairly easy to catch the Shiny Ponyta. But, there’s an Alpha Rapidash that is RIGHT NEXT to the Shiny Ponyta. Oh, my.
Update on my adventure:

I caught

I have
defeated Volo. I wonder if he is on trial for what he intended to do?

I just need to complete my Pokédex, and I occasionally hunt for shinies. Go a whole stock of Gyarados and Piplup. Those outbreaks are so fun!
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