Pikachu Press publishes Pokémon Primers series of kid's books

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On March 30, 2021, The Pokémon Company announces a set of four books published by Pikachu Press known the "Pokémon Primers" series. The first two books in the series, Pokémon Primers: ABC Book and Pokémon Primers: 123 Book were launched upon the announcement, while two more books, Pokémon Primers: Shapes Book and Pokémon Primers: Colors Book are slated for release later this year. Features in the book include over 100 tabs per book for readers to lift up and enjoy, as well as a pronunciation guide for various Pokémon featured in the books.

Pikachu Press is the Pokémon publishing imprint under major publishing house Simon & Schuster, who also distributes and backlists their works, and was established back in October 2011. Since February 2012's release of Pokémon Super Activity Book: Do You Know Unova?, the publisher has released a number of books about the Pokémon franchise, primarily targeted at young children. Other products made by Pikachu Press include origami sets, sticker books, and look & listen sets for each of the Unova starters.


Press Release said:
The Pokémon Company International Releases New “Pokémon Primers” Book Series for Young Trainers
New Series Marks First Published Product Designed for Preschoolers from Pikachu Press

Bellevue, Wash.—March 30, 2021—Pikachu Press, the official publishing imprint from The Pokémon Company International, has released “Pokémon Primers,” a new series of books for young children to journey into the world of Pokémon while learning about subjects like the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors.

Illustrated and designed in-house by The Pokémon Company International, “Pokémon Primers: ABC” and “Pokémon Primers: 123” are now available at participating retailers around the world. The next books in the series, “Pokémon Primers: Colors” and “Pokémon Primers: Shapes” are available for preorder now and will be released in the future.

“We are thrilled to deliver Pikachu Press’ first published Pokémon product for young Trainers with the new ‘Pokémon Primers’ series,” said Heather Dalgleish, director of publishing at The Pokémon Company International. “With families spending more time together, these new books will give kids and parents a fun and engaging way to learn more about Pokémon while brushing up on their ABCs and 123s.”

Featuring adorable illustrations of popular Pokémon, as well as captivating storylines, “Pokémon Primers” come in a high-quality board book style with over 100 flaps for children to interact with while developing a foundation for learning. For kids and parents new to Pokémon, each book includes pronunciation guides for each Pokémon named.

Started in 2012, Pikachu Press is the publishing imprint from The Pokémon Company International and delivers exciting titles and formats, such as activity, sticker, and pop-up books, that are perfect for children and young-at-heart Pokémon fans.

To learn more about “Pokémon Primers,” please visit Pokémon News | Pokemon.com.


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